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June 5, 2021

I was one of those kids in primary school who screamed “reading and writing” when asked about their hobby. I remember my teacher in primary 4 telling me to find another hobby. Her reason? Everyone can read and write, so it’s not a fun thing to do.


HOBBY: noun

   A pastime, amusement, leisure activity, entertainment.


Growing up, books were my way of escaping the world. When I don’t have access to the kind of escape I needed, I will create it by writing. I cannot remember anything that excited me as a child as much as seeing a new book to read. I never enjoyed reading a book a second time. I loved the idea of a new story, a new escape, a new discovery. If I’m thankful for anything, it’s the fact that I never listened to my teacher, and I didn’t stop reading novels.


Now that I’m almost grown-up (I like to believe we’re never really grown up enough), it’s impressive to find out that many people are passionate about reading. With every genre of book in the library, there is someone fascinated by the content. I love fiction. Last year I tried to read self-help books to better myself, but somehow I found myself back to my bed reading fiction novels. My first brother loves books but the weird type. I wake up around 2 am at home to find him reading a medical textbook. Trust me when I say it wasn’t for an exam or a test. Reading medical books has somehow become one of his favorite things to do.  Reading is a beautiful hobby and any quote you’ve seen about readers, it’s true but here’s my favorite one: IF YOU DON’T LIKE TO READ, YOU HAVEN’T FOUND THE RIGHT BOOK YET!

My earliest memory of writing aside from school work is a novel. I was almost 38 pages in before I left it at my grand parent’s house. It was the most boring holiday ever and the only exciting thing about being in the village house was writing that book. I can’t clearly remember the contents of my book, but I remember crying for months until the next holiday. I searched every corner of the village house for the exercise book I had written my novel in. I cried while searching and I only gave up after my mother flogged me for being a stubborn child and imagining things that didn’t exist. Thinking of it right now made it hurt a little. Maybe that explains why I haven’t gotten myself to finish writing a book, it’s the fear that I might loose it or something worse will happen to it. I wrote other short stories while growing up but I still have a certain attachment to that particular piece I lost.


I’m a firm believer that there’s a writer in everyone significantly if you grew up in Nigeria. My point? They made us all write essays and letters while growing up and somehow I’m sure you did good at it too. The only reason you doubt being a writer is because you didn’t harness this creative gift. I’ve watched myself move my bio from writer to content writer to storyteller. In whatever branch of writing I find myself in, I follow the key guidance of writing which is having my audience’s attention.


If you had asked the 10 year old me who was obsessed with novels and writing what she wanted to be? She would have screamed a lawyer and will give you at last two reasons why. She wouldn’t even have imagined herself being a professional writer. I mean hobbies are meant to be for when you’re bored and trying to have fun.


Here’s what I’ve learnt in the last 3 years as a professional writer, all hobbies can be monetized as long as society has a need to it! People participate in talent shows to do what excites them while chasing the money and fame that comes with it. I think of Falz sometimes, a lawyer with all his knowledge doing what he loves the most, music. There are also a million other people I think of and when you ask them what their hobby is, they tell you it’s their profession. What better way to secure the bag than to do what you love the most?


The only almost downside to it is that my writing goes beyond writing what pleases me first. I put a lot of people and things before publishing an article. I ask myself questions before I hit the upload button.


I love to believe the universe blessed us with multiple talents for a reason. To have fun with some and make funds out of the others. I’m learning to revive the reader in me and have fun while reading. I’m also learning to groom the writer in me to help us secure funds so we can read more amazing books at a beach side with a glass of wine.


Stop making excuses about your hobby. If the society needs it, collect some money while giving it out. Stop being a bathroom singer, hit the studio, or sign up for a singing competition. Stop painting and piling it up in your room, didn’t you hear of the invisible sculpture sold for $18,000?


What I won’t take? It’s you still lying to yourself about being talentless and not having a hobby. The world is changing and people are making millions from doing the weirdest things! Start somewhere, start today!


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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