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May 19, 2019

Hey faves. How’s your May going, for me, it’s been a mixture of “meh”, “brrrr”, “okay, okay”, “yaay” and “okay, fine, whatever”. Did I also mention I got a year older on the 10th? That should come up in my next blog post. One of my birthday wishes was a third ear piercing but who wants to get scolded, not me. If this sounds strange to you because you can get as much piercings as you want and your family wouldn’t say nothing, then fam! you’re lucky. Where can I subscribe for your “freedom of piercings & tattoos” cos I don’t mind. This would be my mum if I get another hole pierced or even attempt to wear waistbeads. 

I didn’t kill my mother, therefore you shall not kill me, what will people say, that I didn’t train you well? Are you an ashawo? Are you a mermaid? What’s with the jigida on your waist.

Can we pass a bill to let our African mothers know that there’s no crime to these things.

The first time I got a second hole pierced, in my second year, I let it close because I was scared of how my mum would react. What was I thinking before I even got it, the pain of getting it and then the after pain of letting it close. A day to my final paper in the university, I was like “fuck it, you only live once” and I headed off to the place I got my piercing. I fought the urge to get a waist bead cos I didn’t want my mum thinking they have possessed her daughter or for her to think I’ve joined world people. 

Funny thing yeah? When I hit home after stalling in school for months partly cos of my ear, my brother came home with an ear piercing too. My mum legit almost went gshynetbstbsghdtvdhdbdagehyeb, before she could calm herself down to start scolding us, my brother found a way to escape back to school and I was the scape goat. She only let me keep my hole open with promises that I won’t get another one. As for my brother, oga  had to fling his earring and let the hole close.

Men with ear piercings are like eye candy to me. Dear mum, if you see this, I’m sorry 😂😂

Waistbeads on an actual thin waist is one of the most beautiful things you’d ever see. Waistbeads on women generally, I repeat WOMEN/FEMALES (one time saw a post that says “what if your man wears waistbeads” and I replied, “throw him away”) is like an art work. I don’t know why people judge girls that wear waistbeads. Some wear them to constantly check their weight and others just because they like it. It doesn’t mean that the person serves any being or it has a charm in it.


I won’t lie, I want my gum pierced. Like the teeth ring or gum ring piercing or whatever it’s called. I want it!!! But then home training and if I reason the pain I’d have to go through, I just half the time pat myself to sleep. I also like tattoos, the ones that have things written on them. Men with tattoos, yum yum (to all my family members reading this, I can’t help it, I’m not the regular family member). I probably might get a tattoo when I’m sure my mum won’t kneel me down and tell me to raise my hands. 

Piercings, tattoos and waistbeads do not define who a person is. Everyone has a reason why they do things. My best girls and I either have piercings or wear waistbeads and we are still the most amazing people on earth. It’s bad to judge what you don’t know. If my tummy ever gets flat, it’s over for people. Everyday would be crop top and waist bead szn. But just in case I come to any of your houses with my box on the head, just know it’s this post that sent me packing 😂, my mother and your mother are not the same people.

What’s your take on P-T-W’s? 

Do you have plans of getting any of them? What’s keeping you from getting it? 

Share your thoughts and opinions with me in the comment section. My hands are itchy to interact.


WNG 🍍 


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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