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WNG’s Lagos Experience : Episode 1

March 22, 2019

March 22, 2019. Location: Lagos, Nigeria. 

Sometime last week, I told my family I was tired sick of the east, I’ve been there for 22 years and I needed to help populate another state. I’d spare the details of the long road trip to this place and jump right into the main details.

Hi, I’m the White Nigerian Girl (WNG), I’m 22 years and a few months old and I’ve been living in Lagos for a week, not visiting, living.

My second day in Lagos had me down with cough and catarrh because I can swear there is something in the air my body is allergic to (self discovery: there is no fresh air anywhere in this Lagos). I’ve always wanted to be an OAP and that’s the major reason for the big move, before you over think it that I’m a big girl, let’s put that thought to rest, I’m staying with my dad’s sister (my godmum and her amazing family/ my favorite cousin is her last son, you get why I’m happy here right?). Since I’m not restricting this to just storytime, here’s information on the National Broadcasting Academy for those who care to know

The next academic session starts in July, the date of the entrance exam would be announced on the first week of July. All broadcasting courses run for 9weeks. Tuition fee: 40k Accommodation: 20k. Candidates must at least have 5 credits in their O’level result including English language.

July is a long wait, so I’ve decided to find other things doing to distract me from the sun and the heat here. Adulthood is hard, one minute you think it’s all easy to figure out, the next minute you’re just there in total absolute confusion (kisses teeth).

My bestfriend also moved to Lagos (she grew up here before her family moved), so basically she’s been our tour guide and yesterday wasn’t funny. Since the move, my aunty has been nice enough to let her driver take us everywhere and other times my cousin drives. Yesterday, the “aba” spirit in me decided to surface and I was like “I’m too badass to be chauffeured around, bestie, let’s jump buses to submit this CV” , you guessed right, I’m currently struggling to feel my legs. Half the time, I knew deep down that if my girl wasn’t with me, I would have gotten missing. Everywhere looks like everywhere in Lagos!!! but the only nice thing is that people are always ready to help you with directions. In their head they just might be like, this was me one time so I should be nice. Don’t worry, I know not to trust anyone and I’m going to be careful.

It’s not my first time in Lagos (dear family members, if you eventually get to see this, I have the spirit of a traveller, it’s not what you think), but the other times I’ve been here, I was constantly dashing my money to Uber and Taxify guys. It’s the baby girl life, I know and that’s what I’m meant to be living, but I know my mother would be angry if she finds out that I paid someone 7k to make a journey inside the same state. Knowing her too well this is what mother would say “7 thousand that I will use to cook soup, very sweet soup, is it how the big man life is doing you?”. 

My greatest struggle for now is maintaining my skin colour under this sun, not getting missing, holding my cool in traffic, crossing the roads (the roads are big, scary and busy) ,learning to not miss my mummy (after the kind of day I had yesterday, jumping buses and trekking, I needed her to rub my back and remind me that this is what the real world is like) and someone who lives here should let me know how y’all save money.

Here goes day 1 of my open diary on my Lagos Living . I’m open to survival techniques, general advices and the kind of stories you’d want to hear.

Sidetalk: Where do all the fine men in Lagos live, on the island? I feel sad for them, they won’t get the chance to see this beaut 😏.

Cover art isn’t mine, got the picture randomly on the gram.

xx…WNG 🍍

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