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June 18, 2021

I decided to start this diary on impulse and a surge from taking too much coffee at 11:31 pm for no particular reason. I hope I keep up with it. My Genesys Diary will contain details on what it’s like to be the new girl in my workspace. It’s been two months, but somehow, I still feel like the new girl.

I started work at Genesys Tech Hub in April as the content & copywriter. The first few days, I doubted I would be friends with anyone. Everyone in my family will scream that I’m an extrovert, but the personality test (this has to be one of the coolest things ever) I took during my onboarding resulted in “claims” that I’m an introvert. The truth is, I’m an introvert when I’m new to a space. I like to study people before I get to be free with them, I’m guessing it’s a thing for everyone too.

The first person I interacted with within my team is this cool visual design guy, Frisky. Our first conversation was about the weirdest things, which I would rather not spill here for the sake of our reputation. The discussion was forced on my end; I was nervous, tensed, and unsure of this new person I was letting into my space. We were friends for a few minutes and I went back into my shell. Frisky and I are low key best friends now, but he will be too proud to admit it.

For the first three days at work, I felt I wasn’t Genesys material. This is because everyone you meet in the office, on the walkway, in the kitchen was ready for give a smile and the first bump (which is a thing for every one at Genesys). It’s a Genesys culture, and I didn’t feel like I belonged but, if you can’t beat them, you join them, right?

I met Nancy on the second day at work; she’s an excellent social media manager who I have low key stalked on Instagram in the past. It was easy to talk to her because we had many creative ideas to share. The thing with Nancy is that, while I struggled to say hi back to people, she had a million hugs and happy smiles to give them. She walks into a space and everyone knows Nancy is there. Also, it’s been two months, and people still can’t place our names right; I get called Nancy half the time.

I remember getting stuck with a copy I was working on. Copywriting isn’t my best strength as every day there’s relearning to do. I was to write a comprehensive review/sales copy for software built by the incredible humans of Genesys. Did I panic? Yes. It was the imposter in me trying to struggle with proving that I deserved my job and I was also good at it.

Yvonne was the only one I could comfortably meet to help my brain function better. On my first day at the job, she told me it was okay to ask for her help whenever I get stuck with writing- I didn’t hesitate to do that. She explained what I had to do and it made the process of writing more straightforward for me. Yvonne is my go-to person at work when I’m unsure about what to write.

Bosses are said to be scary sometimes, unapproachable also. Not David and Nino. I think what they have is a superpower, to be this intelligent and also have a friendly approach to everyone that works in their team. I think my old boss should ask them for their handbook or a manual on how this intentional leadership thing is done.

For some weird reason (blame it on the coffee mostly), I see Tappi, Ezra, and Jerry as triplets. Maybe because they share an apartment or the fact that they have inside jokes and this obvious bromance thing going on with them (I promise, I’m not jealous). For me, its how Jerry walks into the office and gives everyone a fist bump with a very contagious smile on his face. It’s hard for you not to smile back at Jerry. If you ever come to Genesys and have a reason to smile, maybe you walked past Jerry.

There’s Ezra with his jokes and the word “foolish,” which he has given a polite meaning to. The first time I met Ez was in the kitchen, I remember making sloppy sounds with my cup of coffee and him saying I disgust him. Trust me; if Ezra says a hurtful word to you, it’s coming from a place of love. When he calls you foolish, it’s low-key his way of saying he loves you.

Tappi and I would video call each other in the office and laugh until one person drops the call. It’s how we bonded. I would randomly text him a Whatsapp sticker and he will return the energy. Taps is one of the happiest people in my workspace. It’s easy to cheer him up.

At this point I’ve realized how long this read is about to be and also the fact that I’ve made a lot of friends in a short time. Why I’m making this particular post? You will find out at the end.

Richmond defines the word “multitasking.” I have no idea how we became friends, but I know before the reshuffling of desks, Richmond and Frisky were my best mates. We had inside jokes, and it takes only a word or eye contact for us to disturb the quietness with our laughter. With Richmond, comes the caring Stephanie. I like her, don’t ask me why but it’s hard not to like Stephanie.

If there’s anyone that needs a space of his own and a break from the rest of the brand team sometimes, it’s Atoms. He walks into the door and gives handshakes to everyone, and heads to his desk to start work.

I don’t know what you define friendship as, but for me, my friend is someone with who I have a special bond and anyone I feel comfortable around. It’s any human I can make my dry jokes with, and I don’t care if I’m judged. My friend is my person.

I think adulthood has hit me the most this year. I struggle with holding in my emotions because somehow, my energy drops, and by looking at me, you can tell. I have had two mental breakdowns at work in the last two months. I watched everyone I have listed above give me hugs and say nice things to me. It might seem like nothing, but this is what defines friendship for me- the little things. It’s knowing when your person is down and trying to say encouraging words to lift their spirits.

There’s Joshua too.

These are people I can call myany day. They give meaning to friendship and it’s always good moments with them.

We worry about work together, have lunch together, crack jokes together and say happy “see you tomorrow” at the end of work every day. Oh, except on Friday’s.

I think we all deserve one Frisky, Nancy, Yvonne, Richmond, Tappi-Ezra-Jerry, Nino, David, and Atoms in our workspace.

With the friends I have at work, I have completed Level 1 of the Genesys culture.

PS: If you read this, don’t give me mushy hugs at work. I’m a hard guy.


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