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WNG’s Lagos Experience: Episode 2

April 12, 2019


I remember when the peaceful protest was done in Yaba market last year (#MarketMarchYaba) and I was wondering what kind of men were in that market (no offence to the decent ones there but y’all get what I mean). Yesterday my best friend and I decided to go buy some clothes in the market. My cousin had promised to drive us half way but ditched us so we had to jump bus because that’s what the real baby girls do 😂. Here’s my Yaba Market experience: 

Prepare to be left shook or not.

First off, I’m sorry that I forgot to take pictures, what kind of blogger am I? But because I have an excuse for everything, I couldn’t bring out my phone because everyone in the market kept on screaming “hold your bag well oo” and also because I’d have ended up bashing some stores here for selling low quality clothes at ridiculous prices.

Don’t worry, my conscience is equally looking at me this way to the excuse I just made.

We got into the first plaza we saw at the market, sadly it was already 2:30pm and most of the outside sellers had closed (there is morning market which closes by 2pm and then the evening market that starts around 3pm). As usual in every Nigerian market, na them dy rush us, who would have believed I had relations in the market because I kept on hearing them call me “my daughter, my sister” and also the annoying ones that must have had a mental image of you in a brothel and they keep calling you “ashawo, olosho”. We made it past the calls and got into the plaza with a trader who claimed his goods were at the range of 1500-2000. While trying on the clothes, this man would offer to help me unzip and the two times I accepted, he would try to press his body to mine and I’m like 😨😨. I let that one slide (PS: I tried the clothes on top of my cloth, so he was unzipping without seeing my body or back, thank you you’re welcome). That wasn’t the end of his weirdness, this man while trying to tell us the price for the gowns we took was constantly dropping his hand on my thighs, I’d push it, he’d take it back. I kuku did not have the money he was calling for the clothes so I left the molester and walked out of his shop. That red gown would have looked amazing on m Around here we dry tears with ego.

The best friend and I decided to patronize shops outside the plaza, she’s a leather skirt addict and couldn’t resist when she saw one fine one in a mannequin. Turns out, it was a bit scratched at the back and then boom a man tapped her saying “na leather skirt? I get am plenty for my shop, come make I show you, I get jeans, gown, top everything” you guessed right, we followed him moreover we wanted gowns too. And that is how we journeyed and journeyed and journeyed while being given different names and dragged by those market boys (best thing is to ignore them and think of the hypo you’d use to scrub your body, hand that they’ve used to touch nasty things and places in their body) Finally we got to another plaza, the experience there was something, first off the owner of the shop played a quick “earring” prank on me and them after picking all the nice clothes, I was like at least from here I’d go home. The man had to whisper the price to me, he was lucky I didn’t scream down the plaza. 8,500 for gowns that can be gotten at better prices (the gowns according to him are TURKEY and believe me, you can get fancier gowns for 7,500).


 That point was where all my anger started, that man legit changed my mood and I was ready to change it for any of those market boys outside. After we left his shop, we succeeded in finding a trader with conscience and we bought even finer clothes at the price range we expected. Oh I forgot to add that one of those guys almost squeezed life out of my best friend’s hand all in an attempt to get her attention to a shop that just might not even be his own and guess who hit his hand off with all the anger in me, yes! this girl! That’s how angry I was believe me.

We ended up buying a few good things and we were fortunate to meet up with the evening sellers and got a few nice BDS 😏😏. The bus ride home wasn’t even the best, but then guess who is starting to survive in Lagos, no not me. I’d still get missing if left alone. So there goes my Yaba market story, would have given more stories but then, my hands are weak and for you to have gotten this far, you too must have tired.

SIDETALK: My cousin and bestfriend have been dragging me to go jogging with them every morning and I don’t know how to explain to these people that it’s a risky thing to do, we should sleep in the morning and not be running like there’s a gate to heaven ahead of us, better be on my side 🙄.

Cover image from Instagram @supervibeztv

Thank you guys for reading this far, I love you all. Your fave blogger girl

xoxo WNG 🍍 


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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