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Letting fear lead you; My LCC (Lekki conservation center) story.

August 26, 2019

Hey faves, it’s a new week or probably won’t be when you decide to see this which I pray you do because y’all know I only write for my favorite squad aka you, my darling.

Is it that obvious from my voice/words that I’m super excited about something? Let’s skip that part till we get to almost the end of the blog. All I can say is that the universe listens. We’d get to that part, let’s all be patient together.

I didn’t get about telling you guys of the one time I went to Lekki Conservation Centre, in Lagos. Here’s the gist: Naturally I’m acrophobic (fear of heights/open spaces) but then I also lowkey love to dare my chi and the guardian angel who has been assigned to me. I got to LCC with my cousins and friends and took that scary walk that leads to the canopy walk (fun fact: it’s the longest canopy walkway in Africa). 

My friends were already telling me how fear is of the mind and I was looking at them like “shebi these ones are not mad?” I was already dropping anxiety sweat and asking myself “who send you message” . I played the image of the walk in my head and I convinced myself that people had done it before and it’s no big deal, I mean there were kids on the walk already. So I told my friends “let’s take a selfie just in case something bad happens” 

My girls were all pumped and guess who has the largest smile, obviously ME!

I’m not gonna lie, behind that smile there were tears, regrets but I had to just, keep smiling. It was time for the walk. Don’t get disappointed yet, at least I took three steps and my legs failed me, if you’re blaming me you’re doing it wrong, it was my leg, swear! Next thing everyone heard was “I’m going back,I can’t die on this thing”  and there came my friends again trying to convince me, they have luck I didn’t slap their fine faces, like can’t you see I’d faint if I take this walk? One time they convinced me to get into a pirate ship and who knew ships go up into the sky (another day tori) . I found my way back to a spot I sat and waited for them. Canopy walk ko, the only canopy I wanted to be was “under the canopy of God” 

Wondering why I gave this gist? Now here’s the thing, we just have to stop letting fear lead us (doesn’t mean I’m going on that walk ever). Many times we miss out on the most fun because we’re scared of what would happen. We’ve lived through the fear in our head and we’ve given it a different view without even trying. I mean I could have taken that walk and what’s the worst that could have happened? But I let my fears mess with my head first (best believe you people will still not catch me on that canopy walk in this life) . I’m just here to be your spirit guide for the week and tell you to take risks. I mean while I was being a chicken, my friends took the walk and even got to climb on the tree house, like an actual tree house. They couldn’t shut up about the fun they had and I couldn’t shut up about how heavens cursed me with fear of heights. One day I’m going to risk it all and go hiking, I mean I’ve climbed a mountain before (Abia State University has a mountain so my school and your school are not mates please). Today in unity, we are going to join hands together and say “fear be gone”. Now you’ve unconsciously said it, that’s a good start. You guys can borrow my favorite quote too.

Live once, while living forever


Now we’re on the same page. What fears are you ready to conquer?

This week I’m giving this love thing a chance again, you guys better pray for me. I’m ignoring fear and I’m jumping right into it. The universe has been dropping hints for me and even though I’m still connecting the dots, fingers crossed that it goes well.

Here’s the link to a video I shot and edited, we’re going to be securing the bag from all angles pretty soon https://www.instagram.com/p/B1hLB-LA3wU/?igshid=

The interaction box is constantly open, it’s heartbreaking that we don’t use it, until I make a blog post filled with my tears, only then would you my darlings know that I live for your response.

What risks are we taking this week?

Do you have things you regret cos you let fear lead you? 

Lets talk!

xoxo,WNG 🍍



Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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  1. I really like the humour in this post.
    Hopefully, I guess I can visit soon when I’m in Lagos.

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