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March 14, 2021



When I started writing “Spaced-Out”, I had no idea it was going to be a poetry book. I was sitting at the backseat of my cousin’s car, a bottle of white wine in my hand, a boy I dated (emphasis on dated, because past tense) for three weeks seated in front of me and my friend Oge, beside me. There was a lot of tension in the car but I guess I was the only one who felt it. We were listening to music and just being alive until a song came on the speaker. I didn’t know what it was at first but it made me sad. The song (Labrinth’s “Still Don’t Know My Name”) was so beautiful, the first emotion it got off me was sadness. I told my cousin to play it again and he did but this time I felt something different, not happiness but something close to it.


The song was on replay as I wrote “Beautiful Fire”, “Your 25th”, “Breaks”, and “Stupid Stars”. My creative mojo was on and I wrote 8 beautiful poems at a spot. It’s one of those moments I would give anything in the world for. While still sitting there, in the backseat, I had a moment of reflection and I thought of how all I’ve done is write free stories and pieces for you. I decided to put a price to my ebook because for the first reason, the poems in the book are a masterpiece and secondly when a painting means a lot to the artist, he puts a price to it because he knows the worth.


What I haven’t told you is that, since I put out my poetry book for sale, only one person has bought it. Did I feel bad? Yes. Did I consider removing the price and making it free? Yes, just yesterday I thought of it. I really want you to read my poems but I know it’s worth and I won’t be making it free.


Just because I want the words in my poem to have a new meaning in your hands, I would reduce the price from 2000naira to 1000naira (you can pay in other currencies too). Someone commented on my post about this book and said “cash-out season”, I laughed because in all honesty, it should be but deep down, I know I have given a lot of free stories and poems and this one time of putting a price to it won’t make me buy a house in Banana Island.


This was a lot of baring out to do. I guess its the influence of Jane Sloan in “The Bold Type”, I’ve been bingeing on this show.


Now that we are here, this is the link (https://selar.co/wzfk ) to purchase my poetry book. If you’re not big on poems, getting an email or comment back and letting me know will be so nice, or maybe giving me a reason why you haven’t gotten Spaced-Out, we can work something out.


I’m thinking of a creative way to promote this book but I don’t want to be too pushy. Picasso doesn’t shove his art under everyone’s nose, neither does Shakespeare or do they? I don’t know where I’m going to with this but I expect a purchase or a response from you.

Let’s get “Spaced-Out”!

PS: If this post feels a bit personal, that’s because it was meant to be a newsletter but then I figured you haven’t subscribed to it, the link? Here https://mailchi.mp/c8e3a7066c2c/sign-up-form?ref=dishapages




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