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I’m Moving Up-North

November 4, 2019


Hey faves! If you observed the title of this post, you’d definitely understand this music heading thing. I currently have fears and there’s no better way to rant and keep you guys posted than through the blog.

Happy November! You know how I hate to stand on the queue hence the reason I’m a few days late. This is the November edition of life lately:October, makes sense? I finally got to finish my clearance with Abia State University and it did not end in tears even though I cried in some offices. The highlight of my clearance should be when I had to change an e-transact to receipt. The e-transact was about a year old and I’m sure I didn’t change it because I was lazy, I had no idea the world had other plans to make me pay for my laziness. I got to the office where receipts are changed, I had only 2000naira in my purse and the woman in charge of changing receipts demanded that I paid her 2000naira. Just to scan and type and print, I tried to explain to her that it was all the money I had, I even cried (my tear gland is shaky), she still took the money from me. Normally, you get to submit a photocopy and when I told her that she had taken all the money I had on me, this woman counted out 20naira and gave to me, I didn’t know how to act. It wasn’t funny then because not giving her that money would have delayed my clearance but at least I’m all done, so. 
Now to the main gist! I just needed to talk about my 2000naira, this is me getting closure. I’m moving up north, I really don’t know if there’s a  “down north” but then if you’ve seen the movie Up North, you’d understand (it’s currently on Netflix if you missed it like me last year). I was excited for Nysc because it’s the only thing keeping you from getting a well paying job in Nigeria, unless you’re a freelancer a.k.a you’re your own boss. Thinking of the three weeks in camp with military personnel’s, I don’t know how to feel. I have no issues with serving my fatherland but haba Niger State? Didn’t anyone tell them I’m the only daughter and my mum and I would miss each other? 
When I mobilized, I had chosen Oyo (which I low key wanted because I’m always excited about the Yoruba language and their food), Kebbi (honestly, this pick was just to fill up the space, I would have cried greater tears if I was sent to Kebbi), Rivers (even heavens knew I didn’t want to be so close to home, but I had to choose it just in case) and Niger (all I could think of was the constant electricity and I clicked on it), maybe God knows I need all the light I can get and boom, Niger picked me. Everyone thinks it’s best i redeploy but then all I’m sacrificing is just 1 year and as much as I’d have loved to serve in Lagos, the city is never running and it’s safer to say I can visit Lagos whenever I want than Minna. I have a kink for exploring new places so “Am I excited about moving?”…. Yes!! Who knows, my soulmate just might even be there lol. 

I’m mostly concerned about the weather there, so I’m adding to my Christmas wishlist (yes there’s another one this year and Santa has a way of coming through even though he comes late sometimes), bucket hats, face caps, sunglasses (I have a few but it’s hard to see through them, myopia and it’s effects), sunscreen. I need to still be the “WhiteNigerianGirl” even after a whole year.
The scariest part about this whole camp thing apart from my journey from the east, is waking up by 4am-ish.

Naturally, I’m an early bird but having someone blow a trumpet to wake me up???? How would I know if it’s really the camp trumpet or rapture??? Someone has to come check my blood pressure every morning. It’s harmattan almost and then I walk into the fog, my brain isn’t up yet, I just might have to start screaming.

A few friends are hoping on me for camp documentaries and I’m just here to say as long as my phone never leaves my side, I’d definitely made videos and take pictures of other people. 

Just so I don’t drown everyone in my personal challenge, I just want to remind everyone who read my last post inviting y’all to Ngworifestival that if you didn’t come, you missed!!! (Yes! I’m clapping my hands together like a typical Nigerian person). I’m really happy i was part of the team, you know the feel that comes with being part of a successful team? Totally my mood right now. I couldn’t take pictures because I was mostly behind the camera, I met new and exciting people and had people ask me one particular question more than anything “Are you a FUTO student?”, if I was, I’d have had my own car right now because half the creatives in that school really did find their calling early and monetized it. My 2019 didn’t start off really well but I’m currently proud of where I am right now.

My book on Instagram @_thepicturestoryteller did get a lot of responses and I can’t wait to write more books. If you haven’t, you should read CACOETHES.

If you love me enough, you can drop camp advices for me in the comment section, I’m acting all normal now but I’m really sure I’d break into a tear after the first drill. I’d definitely call my mum a million times not caring that I’m not a baby anymore, what other way can I type it I’M SCARED. 
If you’ve read this far, you know how much I consider you the realest MVP! Let’s take this me-cation series to the North and explore every side to it that there is.

Thank you for reading.
xoxo- WNG 🍍

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