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Fola’s Story: Final Episode

May 5, 2020

Episode Finale


I had known Folake longer than anyone and I was mad at myself for letting this whole truth slide through my head. I was so angry at Folake over the weekend that I ignored the last two voice notes she had sent to me. After I saw that caption on twitter, I sent her a message with words that I didn’t know could come from me. I had let her know that all I ever wanted to do was help my sister and I didn’t expect any of that from her. I tossed my phone and went to work on my laptop before those pictures took me down memory lane.

Engr Badmus has lots of children besides Folake and her two brothers. He always sent each of them to Italy after their university and it was starting to make sense. I stared hard at that picture with Folake, Dennis, Engr Badmus and Peter, Folake’s other brother. There was no resemblance and we had always thought Folake looked like her late Mum. Many times in school, Folake would either dread to go back home or when she’s home, it took millions of phone calls to get her to come out. Folake was the happiest girl I knew and after listening to the voice notes she had sent to me, I knew she was the strongest.

Sade you have to forgive me for keeping this information from you for all the years we’ve known each other. You had your own family issues and I didn’t want to add to it. Dennis and Peter are no brothers of mine but Engr Badmus as much as he’d want to deny it, is my father. I have no mother because with what she did to me, she shouldn’t be considered a mother. I was used as an exchange for my father’s debt, my real father. After I was given to Engr Badmus, he made sure I had everything in life and that’s why I said he’s my father no matter what…. Sade I’m sorry. When he told me I was going to join my brother’s in Italy for my master’s I was beyond excited, you know how happy I was. Sade that was when it all started to make sense. When I was still in Lagos, on some days, Engr Badmus would have me rented out to men his age and they would give me money to give to him when I get home..Sade you remember I was always scared of going home. Now I’m in Italy, I avoided making contact with my brother because I wanted nothing with the Badmus’ family, I needed to escape, I needed to be with someone else and then came Chris. I fell immediately for him, on the first night together, I told Chris my story and since then he’s been using it against me. Omo mi, my sister, Chris uses me as his punching bag but I’d rather be here than go home. One day it was unbearable, I decided to contact Dennis, he came over and he seized my passport, the day you saw him walk in, yesterday abi, I can’t leave Sade even if I want to. Engr Badmus knows what’s happening, I reached out to him and he said I was only a debt paid. Sade a man I felt was my father for years, I let those old filthy men touch me as a child because I wanted to please my father! When that video went viral, he was furious, he called me and warned me never to have his name messed up again. Sade, Chris is all I have now and I have to keep making everything look perfect or I’d have to give up completely. I’ve held on too strong my sister, the baby, I lost the baby, I would have had her as my comfort but it’s a good thing she’s gone because I wouldn’t have given her a better life. If you never hear from me again Sade, you know better now. I love you my sister, you’re the only family I’ve ever had”

How was my bestfriend going through all of this for years without me paying attention. I had to blame myself because I was so all up in my head that I never noticed that her craving for men at that young age was because of what was happening at home. She had let lecturers use her because she couldn’t have a voice of her own and I was too judgmental to spot all of this when it was in my face. I tried everything to reach Folake but she wasn’t picking. I slept that night dreaming of the worst, I woke up the next morning, there again was a happy picture of Folake and Chris. These pictures were from the week they had met. I did a background check on Chris before going to work, he was a Badmus too! Engr Badmus knew this and was protecting not just his image, but the abominations he had caused on the world.

I turned an investigator for a whole week to no avail, every effort I make to bring Engr Badmus down, was another picture of Folake and Chris, I gave up, I stopped picking her calls and I stopped caring. This wasn’t my fight anymore. Today I got tagged on a post on twitter, my notifications were blaring up, it was a picture, a graphic one, the heading said “Nigerian woman takes her own life after shooting abusive husband on the head” . I was tagged to this post because the note in the second slide said “Sade, sis, I’m done being strong, please tell my story if you can”.

I hope Fola forgives me for not always being there, yes, this isn’t my story, this is Fola’s story.


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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10 Discussion to this post

  1. Irene Owums says:

    So sad.
    I don’t even know what to say. And to think almost everyone judged her.
    I know its fiction but may her soul rest in peace 😂😂😂

  2. Cassandra says:

    Wow… This is really sad!!. I feel so bad for fola
    So, nothing happened to engr. Badmus??

    • WhiteNigerianGirl says:

      Maybe something would happen to him in the future, I’m sure Sade won’t stop fighting for her friend

  3. Jessica says:

    Poor Fola couldn’t take it again
    Her mental health was already down the drain
    I hope we never fall victims of domestic violence or any form of abuse
    So far I don’t think they ever change
    So it’s either you remain with them and endure till death or you find a way to run for your life!
    Quite a sad ending…😔

  4. Muj says:

    OMG what just happened!? Folaaa💔😭

    Thank you for highlighting these issues. It’s good we know that all that glitters is not gold. Also, we shouldn’t rush to make assumptions about people.

    Thank you WNG! 🙌🏿

  5. Ebere says:

    Whew!! This is quite a sad ending,but then I won’t have it any other way,…. I actually learnt a good Lesson about friendship, “Always check on your strong and bubbly friends”Most times they struggle so much but wrap it up with strength.This was a very good story.

    • WhiteNigerianGirl says:

      At least you got the message I was trying to pass 😊. Stayed tuned for more amazing stories

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