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June 10, 2020

Have you even met smart people if you haven’t read the conversations on my blogshow? This time I had one of the most insightful conversations with Mofe, a brand strategist and web designer with a goal of reaching 10 million brands and helping them. All the amazing read in this particular interview. So let’s drop the magic confetti and have ourselves an amazing show!

WNG: Let’s get to you?

MOFE_ADE: I’m Mofe Ade. I help brands move from where they are right now to where they want to be ultimately. Using a ‘serious’ title, a brand strategist.My working hours is spent running a nimble brand studio to create and execute brand strategies, build websites and digital experiences for our clients.When I’m not doing that, I create and share helpful content for brands online. I have a goal of reaching 10 million of them, so that’s the story of my life.

WNG: 10 million brands sounds like a lot but it’s totally achievable. How did you discover your niche + take us through your creative journey?

MOFE_ADE: Discovering my niche took years of working on different projects in different capacities.From creating websites, working in PR & Digital Marketing, working in a Video Production agency, first hand interaction with online influencers and assisting in the management of some businesses, I evolved into being a one stop shop for companies, SMEs and personal brands when it comes to their identities, strategies, platforms and experiences.

WNG: Can we switch lives? It feels like you’ve done all the exciting jobs there is. What inspires you the most?

MOFE_ADE: Your offer is tempting but you must be ready for the accompanying sleepless nights. Well, I’m sure you have your share of that running a brand as well. With regards to my work, I draw inspiration from everything around me. A secret super power of mine is having the ability to draw parallels between two seemingly different/unconnected things or ideas. This is very useful in the design of all the things I touch. I’m also guessing it’s no longer a secret superpower. You’ve made me take the cat out of the bag.

WNG: I’d charge extra bucks from whoever reads this, now we know one of your secret hacks. Speaking of designs, what advice would you give web designers?

MOFE_ADE: I’m sure of getting my royalties for every kobo you’re charging. I’ll give my fellow web designers the same advice I’ll give any person offering their skills as a service. Stay ahead of the curve. Always bring something new to your client’s table. This one thing increases your value a lot.

WNG: Taking notes. Rumor has it that you love to read books as much as you love music. Recommend 1 brand growth based book and your favorite song too?

MOFE_ADE: That’s a good one! At this point in my life, I’ll recommend Atomic Habits by James Clear as that book that can literally change you and your brand if you follow what’s outlined in the book. I do not have a song singled out as my favorite. It all depends on the mood I’m in. For that, they’re go-to songs for each mood. My public playlists on Apple Music say it all!

WNG: Definitely checking Apple Music, your type of songs might help me steal your brain lol. What brands do you admire/hope to work with?

MOFE_ADE: I’ll love to work with brands in industries that I haven’t worked in yet. Those projects are always awesome as they unlock new areas in my brain. I will also like to work with you.

WNG: Someone run me a cheque, Mofe wants to work with me, mama I made it! When do we start?
What are your creative struggles and how do you overcome them?

MOFE_ADE: We start once your manager strikes a deal with mine.
A common struggle very creative has: the dreaded block. Temporarily disconnecting from the brief forces the subconscious to overcome this block especially when combined with a change in environment.

WNG: Yeah, the dreaded creative struggle. We want loads of creative tips from you, but we’d make do with whatever you give to us right now

MOFE_ADE: Research. If you don’t have a bank of knowledge for your subconscious to work with, you’ll be having blocks frequently. Check out my social media (shameless plug). You’ll be surprised at the amount of free stuff I give out. That’s @mofe_ade of course.

WNG: Time for the trick question. What has teeth but cannot eat?

MOFE_ADE: A comb

WNG: Why have people been getting these questions lately? Any big project we should look forward to?

MOFE_ADE: Send me my trophy please. Yes, I’ll be starting an email series soon. High Quality information that brands don’t usually share but are vital to the existence and growth of African brands. You heard it here first.

WNG: Where do we sign up please? Thank you for surviving this interview and for your time!


MOFE_ADE: Just follow me on Instagram or Twitter @mofe_ade and you’ll know once it’s out. It’s been great speaking with you and I’m glad to have been interviewed by you Lynda.

Stay inspired! 


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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