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May 2, 2019

Hey faves, it’s another episode of the most amazing blogshow that’s ever been on the blogsphere. I’ve always been curious about how photographers do it and I know you too have a lot of questions, so I made it easy for us and interviewed an amazing photographer. Our first feature of the month!!! *drum rolls please*

WNG: Let’s get to know you 

POZA: My name is Akojuru Emmanuel popularly known as Poza. I’m a student of Futo, I study Statistics. I am Dark In complexion. I’m a Photographer/Cinematographer/ Multimedia specialist/PR. I love food. I like to see movies, probably the only thing I do to relax. 

WNG: How do you combine statistics with all these other amazing things you do?

POZA: I don’t anymore sadly. I’m paying attention to priorities, I won’t be needing statistics in the future. The degree at the moment is to make my parents happy.

WNG: We all are just mostly getting the degree for our parents. What inspired the name Poza?

POZA: Long story, wanted to be different. My name is Emmanuel, usually when you call someone and say your name is Emmanuel, they say which Emmanuel. I started to think…this was like 6 years ago. Remembered a friend in secondary school then gave all of us nicknames, so I tweaked the name and Poza was formed.

WNG: Nice. What kind of photography do you do?

POZA: I accept gigs from many aspect of photography. From Beauty to Fashion to Events to lifestyle to nightlife to Portraits. When I’m settled, I’d like to do just portraits, beauty and fashion.

WNG: Sounds like a lot. What influenced your decision to choose your career path?

POZA: I’m not sure I’ve chosen a career path honestly. I started photography in church, didn’t know it would go farther than that. I came into Futo, met some friends and photography as a business kicked off from there. I realized it was paying my bills and I was influencing people so I continued. Here I am.

WNG: Greatest struggle as a photographer?

POZA: Pricing due to location. Buying gears.

WNG: If you can choose one person in the world as your muse, who would it be?

POZA: Never really thought about this, but now that you are asking, I think it would be Rihanna.

WNG: Oh I thought you’d pick me, but moving on. Three things every upcoming photographer should know?

POZA: People are the currency for success, build relationships. Save. Invest in yourself (packaging increases your price).

WNG: What is it about your photography skill that you consider unique?

POZA: Nothing really, apart from the fact that I make sure all my shoots are extremely fun, I don’t think creativity is unique, something always inspire something. All artists are kleptomaniacs. 

WNG: I’m guilty half the time. What two things pop into your head when you are behind the lens?

POZA: Make sure these pictures are really lit. Can I be done really quickly so I can just rest. Yea. That’s it

WNG: What do you think people look for most in pictures?

POZA: Them looking good. People tend to have an image of themselves that they want other people to see. It’s what goes on in most minds. Do they wanna look rich, hot, funny etc ?

WNG: Rumour has it you’ve done nude shoots, teach us how you were so composed!?

POZA: Lol. It’s Anatomy. Photography is a job.
Doctors see naked people plenty times. It’s not a big deal.

WNG: Smart reply I must say. What is your favorite lens?

POZA: 24-70mm f2.8

WNG: We’d all pretend that we know the difference. Who would you want a collaboration with?

POZA: Nobody comes to mind oo. I need gigs mehn, not collaborations.

WNG: That’s the spirit. What’s your favorite quote from a movie?

POZA: “All men must die”, it’s from the TV series, GOT.

WNG: Everyone’s favorite show. If you should hear the absolute truth about your career, what angle would you want it to be from?

POZA: Truth doesn’t have angles, straight talk is what I want.

WNG: Okay. Here comes my favourite part. What comes at the end of a rainbow?

POZA: A Leprechaun

WNG: It’s a “W” 

POZA: ….(lost and in total state of confusion on what W has to do with anything)

WNG: Anything you want to say to potential photographers or videographers?

POZA: Just get this money!

WNG: Thank you for your time 

POZA: Anytime!

IG: @sir_poza 



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Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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  1. Clinton says:

    That truth talk though. Fun read

  2. Ohghe says:

    Truth has no angle just straight talk. I like this guy

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