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February 27, 2019

There’s a dramatic confetti and I wish you guys could see it. It’s our first guest on the “Featuring Futures” blogshow (y’all are okay with me coming up with things, so yeah! It’s a blogshow😁). Without being too extra, let’s jump into it.

I could do the introductions because there is so much I’d want to say about this amazing chef but then, drumrolls please…

WNG: Let’s put my drama to the side while we get to know you?

ABBY: I am Abasiediama Peter, mostly known as Abby or Ediama. I’m from Akwa Ibom State, second child in family of five. I’m in my early 20s. I am a chef, freelance writer I guess and a natural hair enthusiast. And I’m also a big sister…this should be a recognized occupation because the duties ehnn?

WNG: Definitely is, hopefully someday we get paid for it. How do you juggle between being a freelance writer and a chef, still finding a way to keep your hair popping?

ABBY: To me, it’s not much of a hassle because writing happens anytime and it doesn’t distract me from other activities but you see the chef life? That is where I derive real satisfaction so I am making it a long term career. To answer your question, I just focus on the Chef life (the whole learning, creating my recipe, and gathering experience) most times and write whenever the inspiration comes, and as for the hair aspect? I think it is stressful but the distraction could do.

WNG: Have you always wanted to be a chef? 

ABBY: I never saw myself following this career path. Like I said, I was science inclined but life happens and I got into that line 2016.

WNG: Rumour has it that you were once into making “twerk videos”, is that a side of you that the world would one day get to know or is it just a rumour? 

ABBY: It’s a side of me that I want to keep personal 😂

WNG: 😂😂 okay okay. We would just have them in mind as rumours. If you would trade lives with any Nigerian celebrity, who would it be and why?

ABBY: I don’t think I would because I feel I have a uniqueness that I want to affect the world with, you know how it is naw, nobody fit be you. But if I had no choice, I’d choose Genevieve Nnaji, because you know, make money but no drama.

WNG: Yeah, Genevieve is totally a goal. What is your best part of culinary school?

ABBY: Trying out new stuff… discovering food and recipes. 

WNG: Where do you see yourself in three years?

ABBY: Doing well with my career or living my career life and getting better…Maybe marriage? Hahaha. Also, I see myself in a position where I can help other people live their dreams.

WNG: You seem to have it all figured out. What “chef superpower” do you have?

ABBY: Which one is Chef superpower again? 😆
Well, I’d say confidence. It is just there subconsciously and I believe that is what keeps my energy alive. For example I fit cook food wey no come out fine but I know say, another day go better and I learn from it. But inside the food wey I think say no good, people go still dey hype am say e too good. Is that what they call the minder’s touch? 

WNG: I guess it is. Who is your mentor and what would you like to say to him/her. You don’t know who might be reading

ABBY: My dear every chef, every successful woman, every struggling girl child. But I like Wofaifada, I wish her more success and hope she looks around and helps people up.

WNG: Wofaifada is good, she really is. So what is it for you, music or movies?

ABBY: Music before movies, darling

WNG: So you’re a Beyonce I guess or maybe a Jon Bellion? If you could change the lyrics to a song, what would it be?

ABBY: Wait! Who’s Jon Bellion? 😂
I think I love a lot of music artistes and that makes it difficult for me to fan or have a favorite.
.. emm… I would change the lyrics of “Without Me” by Halsey I guess 🤔 but if song no go well for me na to find another one na orthe lyrics to “Better” by Khalid. The first verse:

‘I’m not good on this side, It’ll be alright
If you hold me in the day and dark
Everyone’s got to feel what we feel
Hit me up every day, ooh now’  – Khalid, Better

WNG: Khalid better know you’re out here prepared to give him a run for his money eh! What chef or writer do you dream of having a collaboration with?

ABBY: Nobody honestly… I’d love to have a collabo with you though. Maybe a tv show or sorts.

WNG: Yaaayyy!!! We should work on it! Here’s a trick question: What goes up and down and still remains in the same place? 

ABBY: I don’t know…A tree? Or a phone battery? I honestly don’t know 😂

WNG: A tree?? I’m choking on laughter right now. It’s the “stairs”… Was easy eh? I guess we have to end here, Thank you for making out time for me, this was fun 🙂. Hope to see you at the top, you’re the “future” and I know the world is ready for you.

ABBY: Thank you for the opportunity too. 

IG: @_yourchef @ediamah 

Think you have what it takes to be the next “featured future”, send a mail amarachindubuaku@gmail.com 

This blogshow  party is about to be lit!!!!

Your favorite bloggergirl WhiteNigerianGirl ❤

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32 Discussion to this post

  1. Jessy says:

    This is really amazing… Plus I’m a living testimony of Your Chef’s food…. Hmm so mouth watering… Keep it up white Nigerian

  2. Yugie Sharpie says:

    Nice work, way to go girl

  3. Blacknigerianfan says:

    I was QPP’s candidate in the last Presidential election. After all the money I spent during the election I wasn’t able to get any vote. Would you be nice to feature my story on your blog So Nigerians can do second collection for me?

    • WhiteNigerianGirl says:

      Better start saying what QPP is and then “blacknigerianfan”???? So extra. We’d think about a feature

  4. Saviour Udoh says:

    Bonny, I’ve known you for consistency ………. Indeed you’ve proven yourself. You’re a goal getter and you’ve archive your goal.
    I love the charisma of the characters in this interview……you guys are extremely exceptional….. The Blending and choice of speech is amassing and of 21st century standard.
    The combination of Pidgin and queens English gives it the perfect touch. #Kudos

    ….to your delicacies…… ABBY I must confuse you’ve got the right recipes for them……

    I’m proud of you ….keep it up!

    Saviour Udoh

  5. Anastasia says:

    Dear Abby, I don’t mind if am allergic to some dishes, I’d love to try all ur recipe. To my WhiteNigeriaGirl, am super proud of you. 💞💞💞

  6. Mo'blow says:

    I’ve always believed in your hustle. Keep up the good work.. Big woman

  7. Pedro MJ says:

    This speech is epic (legendary), I think it should be laminated and pasted in Google’s Hall of Fame

    And if I were the author, I’d better tag it “The Chronicle”

  8. Oladapo Olajide says:

    You don’t know someone until you know the person! It was privilege to have worked and hopefully work more with you. Keep soaring higher dear. #Nice one

  9. Darlon says:

    Coca cola says ‘taste the feeling’ now I know why…
    This is nice dear, beautiful stuff.

  10. Loftysam says:

    Well i know a good chef when i see one😉

  11. Cindie says:

    Awwwwwh.. This is so beautiful. This future is ours 💪

  12. Kelechi says:

    Pretty cool 👌🏾

  13. Ediama says:

    Thank you very much for this opportunity. I want to see you at the top darling. I love you 😍

  14. Jessie Isaac says:

    This piece is so beautiful, I love the blend,creativity redefined,a capitalized standing ovation for u gurl… greatness awaits you!

  15. Seyithan says:

    food looks good. I think it’s better than that.

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