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March 4, 2019

Hey guys, you know it’s a good sign when I conquer all barriers and make a blog post at the beginning of the month. I couldn’t keep this away from my faves, I had the opportunity to interview a Fashion Entrepreneur and it was all levels of fun and educational. Hold your breath and let that confetti drop!!! Holding back all the tons of extraness I want to drop, let’s jump into it.


DANIEL:I am Mbawuike Chijioke Daniel,you all know me,the famous Casanova 😁.Well,I am a biotechnologist but then I switched from that to being a fashion entrepreneur and recently a digital marketer. I am 23 years old,and I started up my own brand about 2 years ago. Basically one of the hardest things I had to do. Went from working for a brand to opening up mine,and it’s been beautiful since then. 

WNG: Sounds like a fun career life. Why did you decide to become a fashion entrepreneur?

DANIEL: I won’t say it’s what I always envisioned myself doing. I actually wanted to be a doctor lol, it was obviously every child’s dream you know. I would say I was inspired, worked with a brand that had a lot of vision and a lot of style and I loved it. So working alongside them just made me want to be one a lot more.

WNG: Inspiration and mentors, must have been a good brand you worked for. What’s your favorite thing about your own brand?

DANIEL: My brand, Cam Couture, my favorite thing is about the customer experience. We work so hard to make sure our customers are satisfied, we concentrate more on making sure our customers are satisfied. We listen to our customers after our shirts are delivered to them,and work to get a good feed back from them,and if the feed back is bad,we work on ourselves to get a lot better.

WNG: How did you come up with your brand name? 

DANIEL: So if you notice,’C’ and ‘M’ are basically initials for my surname and first name. ‘A’ though is my mum’s name. So there goes CAM. 

WNG:What is your greatest struggle as a fashion entrepreneur and how do you handle it?

DANIEL: My greatest struggle probably would be funding. I started up on my own basically,didn’t ask anyone for cash, I didn’t want my parents to know because obviously all “naija” parents do is  just kill dreams (lol) and then my first ever profit, I finished both my capital and my profit (lol) like a yahoo boy and I was running the brand with my monthly school pocket money and boom! we went on strike. I already exhausted my cash thinking that there would always be pocket money. Fam! The only way to get cash out of your parents was school, and now I am home and no more funds (lol). I didn’t want my parents to find out so I came up with a plan to ask my cousins on our family group chat for 1k each but then it didn’t work and I couldn’t raise even 1k from them. Luckily for me my aunt gave me a contract for 10 shirts, I hiked my prices and she paid me. That was how I figured out that I needed to start paying myself and realize that my business is an entity and I am a different entity that works for a business.

WNG:I’m sure figuring it out wasn’t as easy as you make it sound right now. Hard times lead to success I heard. If you can be one fashion icon in the world, who would you be?

DANIEL: (Lol) Myself really, am I not an icon?

WNG:On your website, I noticed a top with the name “No Intentions”, how do you come up with these names?

DANIEL: Well I could tell you I really don’t name them before I make them .When my models wear them, I look at them and name them from what I see at that very moment.

WNG:How creative. Why will people buy your product?

DANIEL: Truth be told I ask myself this question everyday because basically how unique can one possibly get. I feel everything you can possibly come up with has probably already been done. So why should people buy from us? We at Cam Couture, are reliable, we are responsive and we listen, we put our customers way ahead of us with the sole aim of satisfying there fashion needs.

WNG: This would make a fine ad line. Have you ever thought of a fashion collaboration? 

DANIEL: Yes I have, with a Mirabel designs.

WNG: If you could raid (pick 1) or change (pick 1) the wardrobe of any Nigerian celebrity who will it be?

DANIEL: Definitely Timaya yo! I’d change Bryan Okwara’s wardrobe. 

WNG: Timaya’s clothes are a total go for! GOT or Power? 

DANIEL: All I would say is I am not among the 1%. Def! GOT. 

WNG: I’m among the 1% so sadly I can’t ask questions about the characters. But here’s a question, what has hands but can’t clap? 

DANIEL: Me? A bird? 

WNG: It’s a clock, birds don’t have hands! Thank you for your time on the FFblogshow. 

DANIEL:Thank you, here’s a link to my website just in case anyone needs something; camcouture.com 

IG: @cam_couture_

Website: camcouture.com

Need a feature, send a mail to amarachindubuaku@gmail.com you just might be the “future” the world has been waiting for.


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  1. Cam Couture says:

    We feel honored to have been considered to be part of your movement!!! This was a beautiful experience 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿, Love CAM

  2. Jessy says:

    Hmmmmmmm niceeeee…. I want free shirts o😉

  3. Ediama says:

    Hi CAMCOUTURE! I like your outfits. The shirt dress in the last picture is great! I hope to step out wearing you soon!
    WNG… keep it up 😜

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