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April 11, 2021

Saturdays have become one of my favorite days of the week and that’s because I get to feed into Korty’s amazing mind through her youtube videos which she drops every Saturday.

Korty Eniola Olanrewaju is a fast-rising Nigerian Youtuber or as she prefers to be called, a filmmaker. Her videos are not just relatable but also edited into near perfection which has made her a rave of the moment! I had a conversation with Korty and she answered 5 questions about her creative game & her growing up.

Let’s throw our magic confetti and have an amazing show!


WNG: What’s it like being Korty? Tell us about you

KORTY: Welp, Idk , lmao how does anyone know what it’s like being them? Sometimes it’s hard, other times it’s nice. But yeah, I’m a filmmaker who has never made a film.

WNG: Are youtube videos not considered as films? I mean maybe a short film. Do you feel pressure to be more of what people expect you to see than who you are? How do you handle that or any creative struggles?

KORTY: Not really, I already put too much pressure on myself to pay attention to the pressure outside, although tbh, the pressure is necessary sometimes, I just also know when I don’t need it.

WNG: That makes sense. How would you describe your creative journey so far? What inspires the content you create?

KORTY: Idk what inspires me, I think it’s different things at different times. Sometimes people, sometimes music, sometimes lack of comfort, sometimes heartbreak, etc. I can’t describe my creative journey lol, I’m not quite sure I know what it actually means.

WNG: I would have loved to get into the heartbreak part but almost all the details of it are on your youtube page. What’s your favorite memory from growing up?

KORTY: Omo, geez, I can’t actually remember a lot from my childhood, wow, but I think it’ll be the day I discovered photoshop. It felt like complicated heaven that I knew I could hack and it was the first time I felt like I was figuring something out so I felt smart, I wasn’t very smart in school.

WNG: Must have felt like you developed some superpowers. Can you share 3 tips for filmmakers?

KORTY: Learn to edit (even if it’s just at a small capacity)
Let the story tell itself i.e always been honest with your feelings when creating a story
Don’t wait to fix it in the post, if you can fix it there, fix it o.

WNG: Thank you for your time and also sharing these tips, I hope it gets to inspire someone reading. 


Here’s a link to Korty’s Youtube channel, https://youtube.com/c/kortyeo watch, subscribe, and share with your friends.

Instagram: @korty_eo




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