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February 8, 2021

Wisdom Mudasiru is an amazing content storyteller. He gives tips on how to balance life and content creation. There is more to the “beanie guy” and on the show today, I got him to answer questions around his creativity and out of it.

Let’s throw imaginary confetti and have an amazing show.


WNG: What is the most random answer you can give to the question “Let’s get to know you?”

WISDOM:  I don’t know if it’s the most random lol but I’m a bread lover. I love bread so much and I think that anyone who doesn’t like bread doesn’t know what’s up. So yeah you now know that about me and hopefully it was random enough.

WNG: Not a big fan of bread but okay.  Your creative game changed, your handle, the IG content you create and you even started a podcast, what happened? How has your creative journey been so far?

WISDOM:  Omo. It’s technically a long story I guess but I’ll say this: I went seeking for clarity and I thought I found it but the truth is I’m still figuring things out. “Figuring Things Out” is the name of my podcast btw.

When I started creating content, I had no direction. No mission. No aim. It was just vibes. And as much as I do a lot of things on vibes, I also knew that ‘just vibes’ wasn’t going to get me to where I needed to get to. So I had to take a break to clear my head and answer some very important questions about myself/my brand.

Long story short, I got some clarity but I knew that the remaining was going to come from doing so I came back with this new direction I’d found. I wanted to be myself and not just this creator, hence the name change and everything.

WNG: I like the change and growth. What is it like being a different kind of storyteller?

WISDOM: Am I? *cue humble bragging lol* But seriously, it doesn’t feel like I’m a different kind of storyteller all the time. I sometimes still find it hard to tap into my authentic voice but it’s becoming easier ever since I changed how I look at authenticity. A lot of people think it means creating or being new and original, but most times (if not all the time) it means combining seemingly old things through your unique lens yunno.

WNG: At this point, you are defining what your name is, Wisdom! When you’re not being a content creator, what do you do?

WISDOM: For some reason I find this question funny lol. The way you said “being” like it’s a role I’m playing. But yeah, I’m still a student (unfortunately). I consult too. And the most important thing I do when I’m “not being a creator” is being human. That means going through normal human being problems and challenges, binging on my favorite shows, watching youtube videos. So basically I’d say when I’m not being a creator, I’m being a consumer. Hopefully that made sense lol

WNG: How do you overcome a creative block? 

WISDOM: For the longest time I didn’t believe in creative blocks. I just felt that you had to be disciplined and show up regardless you know. I listened to the ‘experts’ and how they said it’s all a scam till I actually went through it too. Although I don’t go through creative blocks often, the few times that I go through them, I go back to why I started creating in the first place. It’s hard to go back to why you started creating when you don’t even know why you started, and that’s one struggle I had before. But after gaining some level of clarity and truly defining my why, I find that it helps me get out of creative blocks easily. Also, I think you need to have a really strong why for this to work. If your why is just something like, let’s say, money, it won’t cut it when you’re having a creative block.

WNG: But you would agree for a bit that “being” fits into the question. Moving on, recommend two songs for us?

WISDOM: Yes. It’s my time to shine! But wait o, just two songs? Wahala dey. How will I choose? Ugh. Okay since this is kinda difficult, I’ll just randomly select some songs off my playlists.

1. Bird Set Free by Sia. I absolutely love this song. Found it in a series I was watching and I just cannot get enough of it.

2. Demons by Imagine Dragons. Found it in a series too. I’ve been keeping my ears open for music being used in show’s these days sha.

Also can I plug my playlists? Because I have a bunch of songs that I think anyone that knows good music will like.

Playlist 1: https://music.apple.com/ng/playlist/di-verse/pl.u-8aAVXv1Iv3RYyeV

Playlist 2: https://music.apple.com/ng/playlist/emotions/pl.u-gxblk3mIbdV6KRP

Playlist 1: https://music.apple.com/ng/playlist/select-few/pl.u-gxblkM4TbdV6KRP


WNG: Thank you for your time!


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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