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August 19, 2020

You would definitely meet brand storytellers on Instagram but it’s a miracle if you meet those who tell stories, fictional and nonfiction. On the show today, my conversation is with a storyteller and also an amazing writer. Let’s drop the confetti and have us an amazing show!

WNG: Let’s get to know you? 

SEUNCALEB: My name is Ibejigba Caleb , commonly known as SeunCaleb i’m a young man who just likes to drink Fresh Yo and eat Pounded yam with Egusi whenever I can. I’m currently trying to grow a beard and I’ve given up on ever growing tall. I write short stories on my social media pages and send out weekly newsletters. I think Amala is very unnecessary.

WNG: That’s a slander on Amala and we will come at you later but for now, how do you combine your daily job with content creation?

SEUNCALEB: Lol, please please, please. To-do list is your best friend. I try to get up early and plan my day. I try to exercise, but that’s always an epic fail. But my 9-5 is strictly for work. I try to do some content creation during that period, but it never works. So I leave that for later. I write mostly on the go, traffic, or when I finally get home.

The key is to find what works for you. I’ve tried different methods, but I think this is the perfect one. Wake up early, dedicate my work hours to work things, and after work hours, I create.

WNG: This level of discipline deserves an award. What inspires the story you tell?

SEUNCALEB: Lol, I’ll accept gladly. Well, life experiences mostly. You know they say inspiration is like oxygen – it’s everywhere. Nobody said that, but then.

I mostly write from what life has thrown at me, or what I’ve experienced people go through. Add some salt and pepper here and there and you have a perfectly cooked story.

Also, I’m a great thief, I steal people’s work and make them mine. You’ll never notice, I’m that good. All great artist steal, so don’t judge me.

WNG: Steal like an artist featuring Caleb. With so many storytellers on Instagram, what is that unique thing that makes you different? What makes your brand stand out?

SEUNCALEB:  What makes me stand out is how relatable my stories are. You can see yourself in almost every one of my characters. And as a real Nigerian, you just have to relate.

I’m funny also, like I funny die. But not in real life o. In reality, I’m not so great, but I’m handsome, so that helps me.

Relatability and comic relief, that’s it for me.

WNG: Your stories are sure relatable. How do you stay consistent with your creativity? Like your feed, your stories, how do you do it?

SEUNCALEB: Hmmm, I have this mental time table, where I plan when and what to post per time. The key is to keep going even if you miss a day, a week, or a month. Just keep going. Little drops of water make an ocean.

People think if you miss a day or week or month, then you’ve ruined everything. That’s not true, get back on your horse and ride till you can’t no more.

Like I’m suppose to post today, but for some reason I couldn’t, but I wouldn’t give up.

WNG: People keep giving up after they miss a day. They need to read this. Dish some creative tips to us, please?

SEUNCALEB: The world doesn’t need perfect people, the world needs people who show up and put in the work. Wake up everyday and do what you love, because it matters.

WNG: Storytelling do’s and don’t? 


-don’t write about what you know nothing about. We would know.

– avoid excessive grammar. Simple is best.

– Every character doesn’t have to die.


– Slander Amala

– write from your heart

– write everyday, you’ll improve faster this way.

– read read and read.

WNG: What kind of message do you want to pass with your creativity?

SEUNCALEB: That regardless of how your reality is at the moment, there’s always a brighter day. So smile, enjoy it and enjoy the memories. Because you’ll only have that moment for a while.

WNG: Everything sounds so poetic lol. How would you define you creative journey so far?

SEUNCALEB: Lol writers charm. It’s been a discovery. Every day I discover something new about my style. At first all I wrote about was heartbreak (avoid igbo girls), but know I just want people to laugh. It’s been a journey in self discovery.

WNG: What’s your biggest achievement or fear as a writer?

SEUNCALEB: My biggest achievement is writing a book and it being loved by everyone who read it and my greatest fear is waking up one day and losing interest in writing. It happens to me a lot with other things and people too.

WNG: Trick Question, What man cannot live in a house?

SEUNCALEB: A man running form his wife ?

WNG: It’s a snowman lol. Thank you for your time Caleb. 


Hi faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and a storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blogshow. There are different categories on the blog, get comfortable! need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com ❤️+🍍

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