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February 24, 2020

Hey faaavvvveessss, who else can sense the excitement in my voice. If you can’t then you definitely have to get on my level because on today’s episode, there’s just every drop of inspiration flowing from the first to the last answer. Get a comfortable position while the confetti does it’s magic.

WNG: Let’s get to know you?

SALEMKINGING: My name is Salem King and I am a Content Creator and Creative storyteller. I am passionate about inspiring people to do the things that inspire them.

WNG: How do you stay consistent with your creativity?

SALEMKINGING: Two ways: 1) I draw inspiration from almost anything so *I always write down my ideas.* No matter how silly they seem initally, I write them down because the more ideas I have in my bank, the more I have to choose from. That way, I have a deposit to draw from when I’m experiencing a creative drought….2) I have big dreams but my goals are normally small and broken down to bite-sized pieces. So for instance, If my goal is to post once a week on a Friday, I create small goals that spread across the week and will make it possible for me to post on Friday without pressure.

WNG: Sounds achievable. What kind of messages do you hope to pass when you post a video?

    SALEMKINGING: Messages that reinforce the importance of:

1. Identity: I want to show people that “who you are is enough. You’re more interesting than you think you are” and more.

2. Sufficiency: I encourage creatives to believe that “what you have is enough. Start where you are and move from there.” Think big, start small.

3. Community: I always want to spread the idea of the importance of healthy community.

WNG: I’m banking on the “think big, start small”, do you consider yourself a brand? If yes, what’s your favorite thing about your brand?

SALEMKINGING: A personal brand, yes. My favorite thing would be the simplicity and authenticity. The fact that I get to be a “person” while being a brand. I’ve built a brand that gives me permission to be a human being, so as much as I’m expected to create excellent work, I’m also permitted to not always be a superhero or one who’s immune to the human condition. So that’s my favourite part.

WNG: Greatest video making struggle?

    SALEMKINGING: It takes 3-4 hours to create one video and that’s apart from script writing. The shooting, multiple takes of the same sentence, and God the editing! It’s strenuous, and it doesn’t get easier. But it’s work I love, and it gives me the platform to do more of the work I love so… it’s all good.

WNG: Your videos don’t look one bit like the struggles. What collaborations do you look forward to?

  SALEMKINGING: Yes there’s an art to making work that doesn’t feel like work to the viewer. It’s something I’m committed to. It shouldn’t show that you suffered. Collaborations that allow me more opportunities to inspire people to do things that inspire them.

WNG: Rumors have it you’re a yam advocate. What’s your preferred yam “spec”?

  SALEMKINGING: I just really sincerely love yam. I think it’s a gift to mankind. Fried yam is my fave.

WNG: Quick tip for creatives and suggest your favorite video tool

   SALEMKINGING: Quick tip: Start with what you have and give yourself permission to suck initially…. Fave video tool-InShot. The most underrated video editing app.

WNG: Favorite song? If you can refix a part of the song, what would the new lyrics be?

  SALEMKINGING: My Baby by Remii and Sinmidele. Fam! That song is perfect. But maybe I would make the song about yam.

WNG: Our famous trick question session. What does an island and the letter ‘t’ have in common?

SALEMKINGING: They both fit in the pronunciation of “Thailand”.

WNG: Could have been it but the answer is “water”. They are both in the middle of it.

   SALEMKINGING:I forgive you.

WNG: Photography don’t?

   SALEMKINGING: Well, I’ll just say “Eye level is boring. Try something else every now and then.”

WNG: Thank you so much for your time.

   SALEMKINGING: Thank you for having me. 


IG: @salemkinging

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. This is really good, never knew it took so long for Salem to edit his videos. I love it!

    • WhiteNigerianGirl says:

      With how good his videos are, you’d think it took just seconds. Thank you for reading ❤️

  2. Ohghe says:

    Getting more inspired by every post.My favorite part is the trick question part can we be getting more of that

  3. Regina says:

    Lynda, this is beautiful… I enjoyed every bit of it.
    Thank you

  4. Afrikahly says:

    A Beautiful thing to read!

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