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August 17, 2020

There are so many amazing creatives on the streets of Instagram and for the DAY 1 of my 10 days with creatives, I’d be having a CONFIDENCE COACH. Let’s spread the magic confetti and have us an amazing show!

WNG: Let’s get to know you?

QUEENAMARACHI: Hi, Lynda. I’m Queen Amarachi. My full name is Onyinye Odimegwu for official and money purposes. I go by Queen for the meaning I gave to it; a woman who knows her worth and doesn’t reduce her worth for herself. So, yes I’m the badass confidence coach who teaches other young adults how struggling with insecurities and low self esteem to visualize their worth and become confident queens and Kings.

WNG: I love how you’ve branded yourself with the title and it works well. How did you discover your niche? 

QUEENAMARACHI: Very interesting story. For 2-3 years, I had been motivational speaking for a bit but I just felt I wasn’t getting anywhere other than making random videos but I had no target audience.

I attended Salem king’s workshop earlier in March 2020. Blessing Abeng was one of the speakers. I told her about my current situation and my ”why”.

She said ”why don’t you call yourself an esteem coach?”

That’s where my research on google started. Finally  I saw that I resonated with everything confidence coaching stands for. So I got certified and got more resources. Can you imagine how many times I thought of teaching people how confident I am in the past but thought it was stupid? Today, I’m teaching what everyone has admired me for.

WNG: Salem & B.A have been doing the Lord’s work the longest.  How do you handle being a content creator and also studying medicine? How do you balance social media and school work?

QUEENAMARACHI: I’ll be honest. I have no idea yet. The lockdown brought clarity on this new niche. Right now, my goal is to establish my brand foundation and build brand loyalty. I’m hoping that by the time school begins in 2021, i would have attained certain heights in my field.

WNG: The lockdown did its magic then I guess. What inspires the content you create? 

QUEENAMARACHI: Inspiration for my content is from my life. Salem once said “tell your story and there will be someone out there who can relate to your story.” Most of my content are inspired by my past when I struggled to see my worth and I could not assert myself. Today, I’m helping someone who is struggling through the same thing.

WNG: We all have struggles, what do you struggle with as a creative? 

QUEENAMARACHI: My greatest content creation struggle is batch making videos.
Oh my gosh!! Videos are work because not only do you have to create a script, you have to look really good, find good lighting, speak well, and then edit it. I remember when I used to spend 6 hours on it. It’s draining but I’m looking for simpler ways to create now.

WNG: How has your journey as a confidence coach been so far?

QUEENAMARACHI: Wow!! Should I tell you the truth or the aspire to pespire version?

Whatever you put your mind to you can succeed. Lol. This is the shorter version. Now let me tell you what really happened. I didn’t get paid clients for 2 months after I got certified and even did a 15 minute free session for nine people. It was frustrating because I had to ask myself if confidence coaching was really important.

But, I still stuck to it. I Improved my service, got help and advice from a coach who has gone further than me. Now, I’m more than confident in my niche and services.

WNG: You’re doing absolutely good at it. Can you drop a quick confidence tip for us? 

QUEENAMARACHI: Think of yourselves as Queens and Kings. They walk with their head held high and do not bow to lower standards.

When you hold yourself to a greater standard, the value of your worth increases in your eyes.

WNG: What three things do your community on social media not know about you?

QUEENAMARACHI: Hmmm. Tough one but let me see.
1. I am a Christian writer (soon to be author).
2. I cannot sing to save my life.
3. I started speaking when I was 16 in church.

WNG: An advice to creative? 

QUEENAMARACHI: Please don’t compare yourself to other creatives. Remember only you knows your why and your idea of success. Don’t be tempted to leave your lane just to track others’ progress.

WNG: Trick Question, what starts with “t” and ends with “t” and has a lot of “t” in it?

QUEENAMARACHI: TREATMENT. Lol, I hope I’m right. I’m using my doctor sense to write this.

WNG: The answer is TeapoT. Thank you so much for your time Queen. 


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Chisom says:

    Wow! I got to know more about Queen Amarachi today. I really love the way you branded yourself.

    More heights to you Queen and more achievements to you WNG

  2. Esther says:

    Wow, I enjoyed reading this. Thanks Queen Amarachi and WNG for this. It’s super amazing and insightful.

  3. Stephanie Shaba says:

    Eyyyyy baby girl😍😍😍…So proud of you Confidence Coach!

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