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February 20, 2020

Hey favessssss… It’s the first blogshow of the year and I’m lucky to be interviewing such an amazing creative. There’s so much to learn and she’s definitely going to be giving out doses of positivity and inspiration. Let me stop here and drop our magic confetti and let the show begin.


   NaijaContentQueen: I’m Cynthia Obinwogo. For the sake of professionalism I’m ‘NaijaContentQueen’ but for life sakes, I’m CynDee (Means Love in my language.) I’m a 21 year old super smart, multi talented chiq, who derives absolute joy from all the things she loves. All my awesomeness ‘are’ packed graciously in this 5ft7 container of me and I love to exude positivity  wherever life throws me. I have a great passion for health and technology, which was one of the reasons I spent five years in FUTO burning night candles on Biomedical Engineering. Asides my 9-5, I do content creation; this enables me showcase my creativity in the minute ways I can.

WNG:The Multitalented part is what we’re here for. You have to let us know how you juggle between being a content creator and a biomedical engineering and yet still excel in both. What’s the secret?

   NaijaContentQueen: Lmao. I don’t think there’s any secret to this thing o. I’m super certain creativity isn’t learnt, it’s absolutely inbuilt and could always be refined through frequent learning and practices. I once learnt how to code and was a very dope frontend developer but I stopped in my 400 level because I wasn’t feeling myself doing this thing, it was forceful and barely gave me joy. I’ve always enjoyed writing, documenting moments in digital forms etc. and each time I did these things I felt overwhelmed so I kept going. If I’m ever caught in between life and death to give a specific reason why I do these things, I’d say it’s for the happiness and pleasure. It isn’t a secret, it’s a basic discovery. Remember I told you I chose to study Biomedical Engineering because of my passion for health and technology, the joy in visualizing those medical advancements kept me thriving in that space.

  WNG: Totally get it, it’s no fun if it’s forced. What inspired the name NaijaContentQueen, I mean you’re telling other content creators to shift one side with that name.

  NaijaContentQueen: My clients gave me the crown. Their compliments, reviews, satisfactions.. everything they do for me gave me the crown. They crowned me their content queen. I added the “Naija” because of the variety of clients I’ve worked with. 


WNG: You’ve worked with so many brands, I tried to track and list them but I couldn’t. What’s your magic touch? What makes you different from other content creators?

  NaijaContentQueen: I believe we were all born with unique abilities, powers, influence, attributes.. name it. All I did was to embrace my imperfect uniqueness ‘‘dazzol’’. Every creator out there is super amazing and talented. What differentiates is all that we have inbuilt, not our learned abilities.

WNG: Worst brand/customer experience?

NaijaContentQueen: Working with/for a course mate. I was literally used. Student brand rather. I hate to remember it. 

WNG: Lol, okay okay. We’d rather not remind you. How do you battle creative block?

NaijaContentQueen: I’ve found that, for me, the only solution to creative block is to drop my standards and overcome my anxiety by acting on whatever idea comes into my mind, no matter how weak in concept it may feel. It doesn’t need to be well considered or even in line with my standard creative output. The simple act of creating something, anything, is often enough to break out of the cycle and break through the block.

WNG: What collaborations do you look forward to?

NaijaContentQueen: I have a super dope skin that’s been wasting, if that’s the right word, I  would love to work with more beauty brands or skin care brands. Movie industries too as a script writer.


  WNG: Movies, music or fashion?
     NaijaContentQueen: Fashion 

WNG: If you could start a fashion trend of your own, what would it be?

   NaijaContentQueen: Mehn. I’m more of a corporate, classy dresser with a spice of hawtness, yunoo, so this is continually gonna be it for me

WNG: I’d pick classy any day. A quick advice to all content creators?

NaijaContentQueen: Keep exuding creativity; never stop creating.

WNG: A trick question. What has an eye but can’t see?

NaijaContentQueen: My head is giving me nasty answers so I’d rather wait for you to say.

WNG: It’s a needle. Thank you for your time.

NaijaContentQueen: It’s my pleasure. 

IG: @naijacontentqueen

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