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April 28, 2020

Hey faves!! We all know how podcasting is the new cool now yeah? I had a lot of learning to do after I interviewed this amazing guest. The fun thing is that, she’s not just a podcaster, a blogger, so many amazing things. Let me not ruin the show so let’s drop the magic confetti and have an amazing show.

   WNG: Let’s get to know you 

  JESSICAFORTUNES: My name is Jessica Fortunes, I am a communication specialist, a content presenter/producer, writer, a podcaster, host and producer of TWENTY SOMETHING RANTS. On the side I do social media management, I’m a presenter, I host shows, one online and I’m an introvert, you’d see me mostly indoors. I’m really energized when I’m around people. I love to read and write, I have a blog, I have a YouTube.

WNG: How do you wing podcasting, blogging, being a tv host, social media management and also your 9-5?

JESSICAFORTUNES: I don’t wing it, winging it is like doing something how it comes. It takes intentional planning, having a to do list, having a priority list. For podcasting I plan, I have podcast episodes like interviews in advance, when there’s time I do interviews i can. I feel like a lot of people wait, I don’t wait. When I have an opportunity, I reach out to a guest, have an interview done and have it in the bucket until I’m ready to put it out. For blogging, I do that as often as I can. My 9-5 like when I have to be a tv host. Every other thing I like to call them my babies, I try not to look at them as my 9-5 so you know when the mum has to go out to fend for her babies, that’s what I see my podcasting and blogging as. I treat my 9-5 jobs as my priority, my social media management, I plan my days ahead. I always have like 5 interviews ahead. My blogging is when I’m in the mood, I’m a lifestyle blogger so it’s inspired by something I experience.

My 9-5, plan ahead, make sure you do your to-do’s and work along with your KPI’s and get things done. Then social media management, yeah I manage people’s accounts but like I have people I work with to get it done. Working with the right people, planning ahead, knowing your KPI’s sometimes I work late at night. People say you can balance it, there’s nothing like balancing. My blogging and podcasting suffer so that the ones giving me money are on top & priority.

WNG: Yeah. Totally get it 🙂. What’s it like being on ScrollNg & have you always wanted to be on screen?

JESSICAFORTUNES: It’s amazing being on ScrollNg, first because of the amazing people I get to work with, I get to work with some of the next people I’ve ever worked with in my journey of working. Working with them makes it easy, it’s like family when you’re there. I’m not trying to be humble or whine anybody, it’s amazing to work with them. ScrollNg is something I’m proud of. I’ve always wanted to be a media person, I’ve done radio and then tv came, I was like okay let’s give it a try, ScrollNg is my first time being on screen. I’ve done more of audio, I’m enjoying it and it’s in line of what I’ve always wanted with media. I love media, I love communications. It’s been amazing.

WNG: Podcast collaborations you look forward to?

JESSICAFORTUNES: I have to do stuff with “I said what I said”, their host that is Jola & Fk. Also “Jesus & Jollof”, the ones I think of. I’d also try to reach out to other thought found leaders that would help TwentySomethingRants. I don’t just want collaborations to propels who will not benefit, I want to open them to opportunities and other interesting things from my community. I’m just trying to build so when I get to that, I shoot for the stars.

 WNG: Greatest podcast struggles?

JESSICAFORTUNES: My greatest podcast struggles, first is getting people to listen, you need people to listen. A lot of people ask how I grew, the truth is I started with zero followers and listeners, it has grown and it’s still growing. I feel like I have such great contents that people can actually learn from and implement but a lot of people don’t know about it so that has to be my greatest struggle, getting people to listen, getting in the faces of people. I feel like if you know about it, you can listen and give people a chance.

WNG: When is the next vision board party and are we invited?

JESSICAFORTUNES: We’d decide on that when all of this is over, right now we just want to stay safe and alive so please no pressure. If it does happen, y’all are definitely invited.

WNG: Quick tip for content creators?

JESSICAFORTUNES: You need to know yourself, what drives you, what do you love. I hear a lot of people talk about audience and the truth is you need to know your audience but beyond knowing your audience, you need to know yourself, you need to know what you love, what’s best for you cos at the end of the day, you decide who your audience are. Take care of yourself, be fine because you can only create the kind of content you love when you’re physically and mentally fine. The next would be to always create content you’d be proud of even if you’re entertaining, educating, inspiring, make sure you’re always proud even when someone sees it, you can always beat your chest and say “yes, I did that”. It doesn’t have to be perfect, like when I started I wasn’t perfect, I’m still not perfect yet but even if you recorded a 2 minutes video and the sound wasn’t perfect, just make sure when someone listens to it, it will impact knowledge. Trust your journey, everyone started small, no one became a superstar in one day. Know your audience as much as possible. Know your niche, it helps you streamline your content.

WNG: Podcast do’s & don’t?

JESSICAFORTUNES: Don’t create content you’re not proud of. Don’t ask your guests awkward questions, always know the kind of questions your guests are comfortable with so you don’t cross boundaries. Promote the hell out of your sh*t, promote shamelessly. Be confident of promoting your stuff cos no one will do it the way you do it. Understand that podcasting is a new form of media so you’re not going to make all the money immediately but then there is so much potential in it.

WNG: Hack a celebrity’s wardrobe and fix another’s? 

JESSICAFORTUNES: I’d hack Chimamanda’s wardrobe. I like her made in Nigeria style. I’m not a fashion enthusiast so I cannot fix anybody’s anything.

WNG: Trick question: What can go up and down without moving?

JESSICAFORTUNES: Reads question 759 times… I don’t know, I really don’t know.

WNG: It’s Temperature. Thank you for being a guest on the show.

IG: @jessicafortunes

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