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August 23, 2020

Humans who are invested in helping other women grow, breaking stereotypes are my favorite kind. That’s why I chose our guest for today for the conversation on the show. So let’s drop the magic confetti and have us an amazing show!

WNG: Let’s get to know you? 

ANITAGRACE: Hi, my name is Anita which means Grace hence my brand name Anitaisgrace I am a lifestyle content creator that is passionate about women rights, education and mental well-being.

WNG: How did you get to narrow down and define your niche?

ANITAGRACE: Honestly, it took me a while to narrow it down and refine it to this, there was a lot of trials, errors, classes and start overs. Even though I feel and know I am not there yet. This niche best describes what I want and I am content with what I am doing and the value I bring to the table.

WNG: How has your creative journey been so far?

ANITAGRACE: It’s been a turbulent one, somedays I have cried, somedays I stayed off social media. However, I discovered I placed too much value on recognition and engagement than my actual work and value i bring to the table which put me under unnecessary pressure and distress. Now I work on projects having it in mind that recognition and engagement will come when it comes, I’m in a happier place with creating most days now. 

WNG: What inspires the content you create?

ANITAGRACE: I have always been passionate about women rights and wellbeing and I just to make a woman’s/ girl’s life better.

WNG: What collaborations do you look forward to it?

ANITAGRACE: I would love to collaborate with ElectHer. I love what they do how they bring awareness to women role in politics,  i also would love to collaborate with Lolo Cynthia, I love her content  and how she advocates for women’s sexual liberation However I am open to all collaborations that come my way, be it big or small.

WNG: Creative struggles?

ANITAGRACE: Currently, I struggle with consistency and sticking with my content table.

WNG: What message do you plan to pass with your brand?

ANITAGRACE: I want to create a safe space online for women to learn and grow.

WNG: Advice to creatives? 

ANITAGRACE: Stick to your Authenticity  and focus on the value you bring,  the rest is background noise. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you do this your creative journey will be easier.

WNG: No truer words said. Trick question, what table doesn’t have legs?

ANITAGRACE: The table that God has prepared for me in front of my enemies, it is held by the gravitational force of the holy spirit nothing can shake it! Can I hear an Amen?!

WNG: It’s a vegetable. Any special project to look forward to?

ANITAGRACE: I am currently working an online self development workshop for women creatives and small business owners,  holding throughout the first week of September. Stay tuned because it will be mind blowing





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