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WNG’s April Movie Guide

April 22, 2019

Hey faves, what’s goooooddddd. I’ve been skipping blog dates with you guys and I feel like a horrible person, but then guess who believes in “better late than never” you guessed right, this princessa right here. I’ve been watching a lot of Spanish movies and you have no right to judge me. I have a million gists I want to give out but let’s stick to movies and leave amebo for later 😎😎.

Before we continue, I’m letting the world know that I said yes to Lakeith Stanfield and we are getting married tomorrow 😁😁, goodbye to all my other celebrity crushes, your spots have been taken by a real man. 

I took that picture of him while, never mind 😂😂. Netflix dropped an amazing movie some days ago and I think you should see it too. Movie title: Someone Great. You’d be glad you saw this movie believe me especially if you believe in girl squads and growing up and love (my movie banters should have let you know I’m all about the romance movies sometimes,like all the time). 

You definitely have to see this movie and also because it has Lakeith in it, looking all fine and yummy and OMG! I can’t believe he said yes to me 😁😁😁.

Movie Title: Money Heist. I started seeing this movie because of the hype by some of my favorite TV people, shout out to Bollylomo and Ini Dinma-Okojie.  Even though the movie is originally a Spanish speaking movie and the subtitle is a no-no on Netflix, it is still worth every second. It’s more like a longer version of Oceans 8 (which I slept through parts of it and I haven’t forgiven myself yet), but if you loved it, you’d love Money Heist . And oh in the intro, they showed our very own 100 naira note, yaaaayyyy!!!! Naija to the world 🙌

Movie Title: US , what do you expect from the guy who directed the movie abi scripted the movie Get Out,  for your brain to be turnioniown (yess!!! I finally used the word in a post, whoop whoop). I was excited to see this one because of my ex husband Mbaku from Black Panther and oh believe me, he didn’t disappoint 😁. Actually saw this movie two times in the cinema to be able to really understand it but then, I cannot stress my brain. You should see it and come explain to US please. 

Whenever you hear Taraji is in a movie, you get excited yeah? Me too. So I decided to watch What Men Want at night knowing that the cinema would be empty. I got my family sized popcorn and boom, the movie began to irk me out, story line was super predictable and guess who slept off in the cold cinema hall, yes! this fine human 😏. Woke up and asked my best friend “shebi this is what happened at the end” and I was so right. Cliché storyline believe me. I won’t ruin it for you, just go see it yourself. Another predictable story line? Then you should see The Perfect Date, why do they always get Noah to play roles of the perfect guy who does no wrong with the ladies and bla bla bla. But then I’d still watch the movie a million other times cos it was amazing in a way. Put it under romance, thank you and you know I wouldn’t pass 😁.

For those who love fighting fighting film as my not so little brother would call it ,then you should see Alita: battle angel it was amazing mostly because my cousin gave me his popcorn 😁, I’m sorry I don’t joke with something to chew while seeing a movie. 

To the one thing people must have been craving to hear, GOT season 8 is upon its fans and half the time I feel bad for not starting it when others did (if you’ve not seen it, come let’s cry together 😭😭) , okay as we were. Another great movie is definitely On My Block and Elite. I can actually continue this list without ending oh you have no idea. I live for movies!! I’d be going to see the movie Little today and After  whenever this one drops in the cinema. I can’t wait!!!!!

Thank you for reading this far and I hope one of these movies make your Easter Monday and other days.

SIDETALK: If you can’t drop a comment or having difficulties doing that, my tech guy is handling it don’t worry. Thank you for reading this far. 

I love you guys so much

xoxo, WNG 🍍 


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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