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January 26, 2019

Hey favorite humans ☺. So I’ve been off for just some weeks because, if you really noticed my last two posts (Hearts do break around here & Beht am I even a graduate) have gone MIA because of some tech issues I don’t want to worry my head about. The slogan for the year is consistency yeah? So, we move.

I’m making this blog post for two reasons:            1. For those that think I’m living la vida loca       

  2. To read on when my life gets busy and sulk

First off, I have a default setting of waking up between 6:30am-7:00am and I always want to believe it’s my body getting ready for the adult life. Then I pray and take my phone to check if the love of my life called or sent me a text (sadly people don’t send good morning mushy texts anymore and maybe I don’t see missed calls cos I’m the love of my life 😭) .

1hr on the bed on a lazy day, trying to figure what next to do with my life knowing deep down that I deserve breakfast in bed but then if I don’t stand my lazy self up, I just might die of hunger.

              What a baby girl deserves 

But because I can’t let hunger kill me and my village people would be happy, I mostly have noodles for breakfast. I’m not a fan of tea & bread which is like Nigerian breakfast starter pack. So breakfast done, it’s time to face reality yeah?

Apparently ,I live on the internet. Like don’t get me wrong, it’s where I find all the inspiration I need most times. I have access to my mentors without even having to call them to call their estate security (it made sense in my head) , my crushes live here too and the worlds greatest app PINTEREST exists with the internet too. So when I’m not surfing, I zone out completely. If you know me, you’d know how this is a sick habit for me. I always try to shower before 12pm especially when I have nowhere going. Deep down I want a fancy tub but we’d skip that part and continue scooping with bowl and bucket as there is no shower here sef.

When I get a tub like this, it’s over. I’d probably live in the bathroom 😁

So basically, I’m writing about me being in my own space and not in the family house. Cos if I have to write about the family house, you guys are not ready to read about the pots I’d be scrubbing, the clothes (I’m the family laundry man) , the unplanned market journey. People always preach the need to exercise, so I try to pace around whatever place I find myself just to calm myself and my head. It’s always like an endless rumple of papers in my brain so it’s a hard life. When I’m done pacing and imagining how life could have been better if, if, if….

           This is literally all I want to do with my life.

I live for road trips, but until we start gaining salary, let’s just live that life in our head. Just maybe in a few years, when I’m writing about A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE, it would be mostly about being on the road. But before we achieve road trips, after shower time, I start thinking of mad ass blog posts to write –which I never end up writing- and then I add extra drafts to my book. I’m about to throw a Chimamanda on the world soon 😏.

I can’t go a day without seeing a movie, no there’s no cinema in my state so I always download. If there’s no exciting movie to see, I find a show to watch on YouTube. Meanwhile where is my SGIT family, please what are we to do with our lives now because I’m confused. Like when 12pm comes on Friday, what are we meant to do??? Who knows another show I could jump on YouTube? Cos if I say random series, someone would tell me GOT *rolls eyes all through the 7 seasons of the show* 

To whoever I share forever with, better add movie night to our busy schedule. Just do it!

Basically in my world it’s like 7pm now after I’ve achieved little or nothing. I don’t go out, just maybe at night or cos I have to buy something. This girl is mostly an indoor soul, maybe when we secure the bag we would be ready for the outside world you know wah I’m sayiiinggg. No one should say I didn’t make a blog post because it’s your amebo that carried you to the end of this post 😂😂. Someone get me a job or offer to make a CV or something for me so I can apply for a job (why does the real world need a CV for virtually everything) .

SIDETALK: I once dated a guy that used to make sure I subscribed for a YouTube plan on my phone because of how addicted I was. We dated for just 13days. Basically I might have curved all my soul mates 😭😭.

This is a PSA that I’m a huge KRANIUM fan right now and if anyone should ask me where I want to travel to, I feel deep down that I have Jamaican blood mixed up with my Nigerian and half British blood. So I’d like to go to Jamaica someday, thank you. Whenever there is a show with Kranium in it, get this girl a backstage pass or I’m throwing a tantrum.

Thank you for keeping up with this girl ❤❤.


WhiteNigerianGirl 🖤

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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Ediama says:

    I wonder why I’d come and be lovey doves like you. I always wake up expecting a mushy text to start my day and you know the story, none. So I just resort to mushy poems and sometimes I only get a mushy text if I send one lol 😂!

    Again, who told you about Kranium because I’m a huge fan too since I listened to “Nobody has to know”.
    “Sex addict” is like my ummm (fake-coughs) yunno song.
    I’m also a huge fan of yours lazy girl😂

    • WhiteNigerianGirl says:

      Reading mushy poems would be the highlight of the love depression I always drag myself into. Kranium it’s the ish and we need to let the whole world know ❤❤❤

  2. Nono says:

    Nice…read all your postd
    Please check out my blog

  3. Kheeycee says:

    Half British blood kee you there

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