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MOVIE BANTS (9 amazing movies you should have seen in 2018)

February 1, 2019

Hey amazing humans, happy new month. It’s not my birthday this month and I’m yaaay! excited because I’m kinda scared of turning 23. Like how can I even be 23 yet, I remember nursery and primary school like it was a month ago and here I am, 3 months away from being 23. Super scary 😬😬

I’m meant to drop the “shake table” kind of blog post but I’m bribing you guys with this amazing post. It’s like a before-war-peace-offering, it makes sense yeah?

Meanwhile, it’s the month of the big L word, LOVE my all time favorite word. It’s like the reason I love February and I feel if months came in colours, this month would come in purple. Not red but purple, just imagine a purple sky, with humans on purple (okay, I’m not about to be drifting) . We all know how I’m enjoying my lazy days because reality hasn’t come visiting yet and none of you got me that job we talked about. So while we are still unemployed, we definitely would be scouting for movies just so y’all can have something to Netfix&Chill to with bae 😉😉. Or just maybe when you need something for movie night on Valentine’s. So here’s a list of movies you definitely slept on in 2018 because the hype wasn’t really much. *drumroll please*

1. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY : If you’re homophobic, I’m sorry but it shouldn’t be a reason why you don’t watch this awesome movie. It’s based on a true life story and did I feel like I was in Wembley Stadium in 1985 listening to the Queen band playing during the Life Aid concert. If you watch this and don’t fall in love with the amazing RAMI (Freddie) then just know I owe you one. PS it’s an Oscar winner btw, so you get how much this movie makes sense now yeah? 

2. BUMBLEBEE: Fans of Transformers please gather here. I’m not a fan but I totally enjoyed seeing this movie. Let’s be honest though, was John Cena’s presence really really really necessary? Bumblebee was cute and even cuter as a car. The part where he tries to use the radio to communicate made me tear up a bit 😢 (yes I cry at anything, leave me alone). I’m not going to be a movie spoiler so while you’re not so busy this weekend, here’s a good watch.

3. SUPERFLY: I’m totally guilty for sleeping on this movie. Please don’t be like me and watch it in a public bus, especially the shower scene with Priest and his girls (don’t say I didn’t warn you! ). How are you on earth and you haven’t seen Superfly, well it makes the chances of getting married to Priest higher  because we are not plenty that know him. For real, this movie had me fixed. If you liked DEN OF THIEVES or DEUCES  from 2017 then it’s a yes for you on this one. Drugs, sex and a lot of gunshots but then it’s a nice one. I’d rate it a 10 if I can (already did on IMDB 😁) 

4.THE AFTER PARTY: Basically, one thing this movie teaches you is that there’s always an after party of an after party, like where the main koko happens. That aside, this movie is a confidence booster and it screams “don’t ever give up” also if you have a thing for rapping or music, it’s the right movie. The story line is okay and it’s one of those movies that gives you a chance to be distracted and focus on bae for like 5 minutes, you know, the chill part in Netflix and chill 😏😏. Movie spoiler : It has French Montana, DJ Khaled, Teyana Taylor  and a few other good ones in it. Is your fave in the After party list?  

5. WHERE HANDS TOUCH: The mushy-we-cry-at-every-movie gang, please hold your handkerchief, buckets, tissues or whatever you do the dew with beside you. Believe me you would have reasons to tear up a little, this movie is not by hard-guy hard-guy. The beginning might not be the ish but you just have to give the movie a little bit of your time and you’re throwing questions at your tv/phone/laptop screen. Our all time favorite girl is in it too. If you need a hug after seeing this movie, my email is somewhere on this site, you can let me know your address while I come with a big hug and a box of chocolate 😊.

6. A SIMPLE FAVOUR: It’s Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, like can you imagine a better duo? And you still haven’t seen this movie? And you’re on my page and you still haven’t starting checking fzmovies? Or Netflix if it’s on it? Okay I know you’d check it out after now, I trust you guys that much. It’s the kind of movie that tries to mess with your intelligence but personally I don’t like the ending, I wanted it to continue. You should do me a Simple favour and see a Simple favour 😂😂. I’m the queen of dry jokes I know 

7. NOBODY’S FOOL: All you Tiffany Haddish fans please rest on my shoulder or squat, just find a way to fit into this selfie. The queen of black extraness just had to give us reasons to laugh. God! Tika had me wishing to get my teeth done, like what in the name of perfection was that. I can’t, I just can’t. The movie gives you moments for real. Guess who made an appearance………. You just would know when you see the movie. I died when Whoopi Goldberg said “I’m growing a new plant and it’s called Fuk’you’up and it has me fucked up” 😀

8. REALITY HIGH: To the adults who still believe in high school love, here’s a movie for you. I loved every bit of this movie I just wished it didn’t have to end. I can’t give hints on it without spilling the important details but whenever you’re having a sleep over and need friends to see it with, please I’m only on call away. I’d confess a bit, the day I found this movie for download on netnaija, I literally jumped up for 3secs. I was happy for reasons I don’t still get, it happens whenever I discover a highschool/college romance movie. Suggest any in the comment section btw ❤❤

9. I FEEL PRETTY: Boys just stay away because you don’t know the struggle, okay I’m kidding. This movie is just for about anyone battling with low self esteem because of your body. Thank you to whoever wrote the script for this movie. Not like I really needed it but then a part of me learnt a few things. 

So there goes 9 amazing movies you probably wish you didn’t sleep on in 2018. Meanwhile do me a favor and don’t waste an hour of your life seeing Eight Grade. I only warn the people I love, now you can thank me later. I’ve seen some really amazing movies this year already and SEX EDUCATION is one of them 😏, oh yes you heard me. I’m getting married to Jackson if Priest ever divorces me

Hey baby 😍😍

I’m about to watch WIDOW from 2018 too and also if you have the patience you should see GREEN BOOK . I’m sorry I can’t help it, I’m low key a movie freak and just because I don’t have a Netflix account yet, I always either download from fzmovies or netnaija. What movie do you think missed the cut?

What movie in the list have you seen?

Do you know an amazing movie you’d want to suggest to us? The comment section is open.

More movie reviews coming soon 🖤🖤

xoxo, WhiteNigerianGirl ❤


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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  1. President Japhets says:

    I’m already downloading Nobody’s Fool. I saw my man Ghost oo.

    And what about ‘Sex Education’? Zit 18+ ? Lool

    Amazing read hun!

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