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5 Things About Being In A Clique

April 2, 2019

Hey faves!! What’s been good, it’s a new month and our blog has a lot of juicy exciting things in store, who is ready for all the tea which ranks from movie reviews to fascinating interviews on the blogshow and mind blowing gists. I too, cannot wait (little secret, I read my blog posts like I’m a first timer on the page 😂) .So happy new month beautiful people. 

I’ve always been in a clique or squad or sisterhood or whatever name you call it right from when I knew what friendship means. Primary school, secondary school, university and whatever you call life after university, always have three or four friends that I have their backs and I can swear they have mine. The reason why I think I’ve been in cliques enough to write about them.

WORD: CLIQUE, can be defined as a group of people with a few similar interests and share one or two common enemies. 

If you think this is a post where I spill what happens in my clique, you could keep reading or not but then I’d be making general references on what I’ve researched and noticed about three or more cliques (mostly female).

1. There’s always that one person who feels odd or left out

I remember in secondary school, I had two girls who I felt were my best friends and I was always carrying the friendship on my head. One minute we would all do things together like walk to the dining or go to the assembly together and the next minute they start to talk about things I can’t relate to or I see them giggling about something they’d never tell me. Constantly made me feel left out and when I confronted them, they made a joke out of me and told me I was over thinking things. I’ve seen this happen in cliques severally and most times it ruins friendships. If you’re in a squad, you could have the talk and you’d figure there is that one person. Doubt me? Then have that talk today and get back to me in the comment section.

2. Buying Enemies 

If your friends haven’t been mad at you for talking to someone they don’t like, then you should be grateful. One person in your clique hates a girl, sorry sweetheart, you’d rather stop talking to her or you’d have your friends table your matter when you’re not there. They’d say things like “Why is Lynda talking to that girl, does she not know that she’s our enemy?”, “Lynda can sha be somehow” and just to be on the good books of your friends, you’d just start seeing reasons why they hate this person and next thing, you’d hate the person too.

3. Your new friend has to be friends with everyone

I’ve had people tell me and some of my friends differently that they can’t come to visit because “my friends” scare them. It be that way almost all the time, I don’t want to be friends with a girl in a clique because once I visit and leave, they’d talk about me. Leave your maturity on another blog, these things happen, if we are being honest to ourselves. Making new friends is hard when you’re always in your pack and if someone is bold enough to be your friend, the person must automatically become friends with family. True or true?

4. Your friends talk about you when you’re not there

This is worse when you just messed up, they’d bring up all the things you’ve done wrong and table it, I’ve been a victim and also an attacker. You might walk in and they smile or act normal but come and knack bet they just talked about you. I’ve seen it happen, I’ve heard of it happening and I know it happens. It’s sweet when they finally call you to order and let you know what you’ve been doing wrong but then the ones that don’t tell you? You know what I want to say, so you do the finishing.

5. In every clique, there’s a clique 

Four or five or whatever number of you didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be best buddies, it must have started from two people and obviously extended. Now check it, there are always two people who are closer and the other two who are closer. This isn’t a bad thing because in the group of four, two might be the weirdos who love trap music and want to hang together and the other two might be the hopeless romantic who just want to listen to Ed Sheeran and stuff like that. So you get my point?

Promised myself the list won’t go beyond 5. You’re lucky if you are a loner and have a few friends scattered around and also you’re lucky if you have your own squad. But you guys remember the short clip from WAPtv’s This Life where the father told his son to jump and still let him break his leg? And also gave him the preach on trust? Now that’s a moral lesson for everyone Trust Only Yourself, the oldest quote in the book. To me, I think we all need good friends and not squad goals or clique goals.

SideTalk: Got “sunburnt” the other day and I never stopped talking of how this country is not for me and I know I have oyibo blood. Tell me that it’s normal for Nigerians to get sunburnt too and I’d ignore you 🙄🙄

Thank you guys for reading this far. What’s your take on cliques and squads? Ever had a sad or happy experience from being in one? The comment section is always open for interactions. Let’s talk

xoxo, WNG 🍍 

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