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April 8, 2020

Hey faves! How many days have we been indoors now? To me it feels like forever. Naturally I like to not be outside but then being forced to stay indoors just so I don’t die? That’s a job! Like a job you didn’t sign up for and have to do it! Like when in primary school, it’s not your turn to sweep the class but because your parents came to pick you up late, you just have to do what the teacher says and sweep the class! Does this make sense?

I’ve made a list of 5 fun things that can be done during any lockdown (hopefully this is the last time we have to stay indoors over a pandemic). I also put up a question tag on IG and had some members of the human race tell me what they’ve been up to. So let’s do this!

1. BINGE YOUTUBE SHOWS: I badly wanted to say Netflix but then you have to have an account and lots of data to be able to follow a series. Imagine wanting to see a movie with 5 seasons and you don’t have unlimited data? Let’s be humble and go on YouTube and watch about whatever you want and cry over your data later, I’d have offered to hug you but social distancing! I’m suggesting Skinny Girl in Transit (you can rewatch it and you’d be happy you did, it has 6 seasons) & The Men’s Club ( two seasons filled with drama), you could also binge on the 4 seasons of MTV Shuga Naija. Thank you, you’re welcome!

Asked a few people what they’ve been up to!

2. Start An Online Course on Udemy: You’d be surprised at all the courses you can find online. I’m currently taking a class on social media management even though I enrolled since January and I’ve been stalling on it and I’m appealing that no one should emulate me in that aspect. Whatever course you’ve been imagining, there’s photography, finance, lifestyle, IT & software, Design, Music, should I continue? They have an app too and there’s a discount going on! Again, you’re welcome.

What Oge had to say!

3. Call Loved Ones: My call log goes this way— Mummy, Baby Brother, Grams— the end. I’m not big on phone calls but I can text for long hours. Once I decide to place a call, it’s either going to last for a few long minutes or one minute of awkwardness. Today, call that friend that you’ve been meaning to check up on, call, don’t be like me and text to check up, just call them. This is actually the time to call other members of the human race, they’d appreciate it more this time, my two cents! 

4. Start a journal or voice recordings: Imagine waking up and doing voice recordings like “If you can find this, it means I didn’t make it” (we will all make it in Jesus name!) or “It’s day 14 and we are still not being allowed to go out, here’s what I’m going to do to stay sane”. Sounds fun yeah? Imagine playing it when all of this is over and how cooolll it would be. You could also write with papers and keep in random places in your house, imagine a new occupant finding it many years later, don’t forget to put out details on how you can be reached cos it’d be so cool to see years later.

What Jessy had to say!

5. Try DIYs, Do Yoga, Sleep: Yoga is such a blissful thing that I haven’t tried before but then I always meditate in a yoga position, does it count? There’s a yoga challenge on twitter and I feel you should be a part of it cos why not? There are so many DIY tutorials online and also on Pinterest that you can try. All I need to get is wax and candle sticks and then I’d be able to make my own scented candles. You dig? I’m not going to preach on sleeping but then you need to rest for your body to function well.
Also!!!! Please enter your bathroom and make use of soap and water!!!! Bathing is an essential thing whether you’re staying indoors alone. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk!

What has been keeping you sane during this lockdown? Let’s talk!

WNG 🍍+ ❤️

Stay safe! Wash your hands! 


Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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7 Discussion to this post

  1. Ohghe says:

    I have finished every season of both SGIT and Men’s club so I agree with you nice suggestions

  2. Judith says:

    Nice write up,got to learn about Udemy..you have more you can recommend for a finance student.

  3. Anastasia Obi says:

    You can’t be sane in my father’s dear.
    Thanks for the series suggestions I think I will try Skinny Girl in Transit

    • WhiteNigerianGirl says:

      You better embrace staying home with the parents because when you’re far, you’d cherish every moment. Thanks for reading Zinnyroco ❤️

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