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January 6, 2019

I had to wait till today to wish y’all a happy new year. I’m pretty sure the queue is less now so you won’t say I didn’t even care to say that I’m happy to know I still have you guys reading in 2019 (I’m going to stop blabbing now, just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!!!). 

I totally avoided saying the New Year, New Me thing on my social media handles because I didn’t want anyone rolling their eyes (I know I’m not alone on this one) . Truth is we all deep down make resolutions, could be after a break up, at the beginning of a new school session, a new month at work. We most times do it without even knowing, but believe me resolutions are only actually relevant when we abide by them. I actually want to do a lot of things this year and avoid a lot of negative people but no, I’d pause the drama and focus on the bigger picture (currently weirdly staring at the big frame of my parents wedding photograph and trying to figure why people actually say the “big picture”) . So this first month, let’s do “keywords”. Rather than blinding my contacts on my whatsapp with things I want to do and things I don’t want to do, I decided to save it for the blog because the aim today is to inspire people (outchea sharing positive vibes yo!). I’m about to spill what my big word for the year is..


I always have a bad bad habit of starting things and stopping halfway. Last year I started an incognito story page on Instagram, I had a few readers but then I wanted more. I wasn’t working towards it, I just wanted to sit down and wake up to 500 reads on the page. When it wasn’t happening, I got angry and deleted all the posts. I started writing a book, can’t tell what got to me and I just stopped. I haven’t even written a story in many months now. The fun thing about this year is that I low-key believe I’m going to get that major read I need and no way I’m going to be lazy about it. If you’re in support of being consistent at your hustle, gladly join the line I’ve created. The line leads to the top and we are not stopping till we get there (did I just hear you say Preach!)


Inner me wants to put the word love up there but let’s stick to happiness. It covers the whole love gospel too so let’s do this. There are three lines under this category: love, money and mental health. Nothing else makes a human complete believe me and if you can’t find the love you want, don’t rush into anything or settle for less. Don’t they always say, “love would find you”, so we would just wait and focus on how to make this money while also making sure we are mentally okay. Your mental health is as important as anything. Whenever you notice that your being stressed and all those negative thoughts about suicide is starting to come up, take a very deep breath, think of happy things, pray and find someone or somewhere to go to. Suicide doesn’t take you to a happy place. This should be our mood all year long. 


Currently humming “Bad energy stay far away”. I had a silly argument with a friend yesterday and he was like “do you even ever have positive dreams, why would you move your negativity from reality to your dreams”, like damn! boy, that was a bit rude but okay, I get the message. So another thing we have to do this year is to ignore the “What if”, “I can’t”, “What would people say”, “But”… This year we definitely have to do us and watch the world adjust. There are so many crazy things the world is comfortable with right now, so why should you be any different? There’s a thing about power being in spoken words, so I’m speaking a lot of positivity into my life this year and you should do the same too. This year we are constantly sharing good energy only. Capiché? 

Let’s ignore side talks, always pray, spread love and NEVER GIVE UP!

I used to be a queen of pessimism but no durling (in James Brown’s voice) not anymore.

SIDETALK: I was thinking of having a piggy bank and breaking it to a million naira by December, but who am I lying to 😭😭.

Since we all have a way of having needs, write down something important you’re gifting yourself by the end of the year so you’d be able to unwrap it and be happy. I waited for Santa all Christmas and didn’t see him, maybe because my maternal home is too remote for him, his sleigh would have crashed on those hills 🤷.

This might cost a fortune but I’m definitely saving up for these babies or just a Polaroid camera.

Look who made it to the end of the post 👏 👏. Kisses and much love from this end and let’s all have an amazing 20-nineteen!!!! Find a keyword and stick to it, that’s a pact we are making 🙋.





Hi, faves! I’m Ndubuaku Lynda, a blogger, content creator and storyteller. I’m also a freelance writer. I also inspire millennials through my blog show. There are different categories on the blog. Get comfortable! Need to reach me? Send an email to ndubuakulynda@gmail.com or a dm to @whitenigeriangirl on IG

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  1. fahid says:

    Nice work!!! Keep it up

  2. Ekene John Osuala says:

    Great, in addition discipline is paramount! Keep up the good work.

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